Ten irrational thoughts every intern experiences

April 18, 2017
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Chances are you need experience (and lots of it) to get into your desired field. While interning, your inner Lizzie McGuire pops by on the reg. Need proof? *Cut to animated Lizzie*. From looking forward to your lunch break to deciding whether to leave at 4pm or 4.05pm, here are 10 thoughts you defs have during your internship.

“I can’t wait for my lunch break.”

One hour in, and you’re in the mood to chow down some carbs. Question is, when and where? You don’t want half of your break spent feeling undecided over what to order, because the menu at the local café is exxy AF. So, where’s the nearest Macca’s?

“Um, is this legit?”

Gaining skills worth sprinkling over your CV á la Salt Bae – hot. Doing jobs that are doable by a paid employee – not so hot.

“Do I come off as annoying when I ask for tasks?”

Ah yes, the endless cycle of asking colleagues if they need a hand with anything, to getting the task done and going back to asking for more work. This is a hot topic among fellow interns during lunch, right?

“Use the phone? USE THE PHONE?! I’ll send an email, thanks.”

“Youths don’t call, they text,” you say as you send a whole heap of emails. However, it’ll take hours to get a reply. H-O-U-R-S. You’re left with no choice but to dial. *Takes a breather or ten before picking up the phone*.

“I want to ask for help but I’m afraid to.”

Like Tina Belcher learning how to drive, you let out a big “Uhhhhhhh”, hoping the team will get the memo. But no! Look directly at the camera like you’re on The Office, and deliver your Emmy award-winning “I don’t know what to do” face.

“Is this the kind of work I want to do when I graduate?”

Halfway through your internship you ask yourself the eternal question: am I cut for this once I graduate? If yes, then terrif! If not, then you’re having a “What am I going to do with my life?” moment, aren’t you? “Where’s Jess from Gilmore Girls to steer me in the right direction?” you ask.

“Am I done with this task or am I ~done~?”

You want to get the job done, but you also don’t want to rush it, so you spend a little longer on the task to make sure it’s perfect, even when it already is.

“They said I’ll get my lunch and travel money back, but I’m afraid to ask.”

The job description said you’d be reimbursed with money spent on food and transport. Except your supervisor hasn’t said a hoot about it. “Goodbye to all that money I could’ve earned back, had I asked,” you say.

“When should I connect with them on LinkedIn?”

You want to drop LinkedIn emails while they’re hot. The problem? If you ask them to connect with you during the early days, they’ll get the vibe you’re only there to boost your contact list. If you ask for one at the end, you feel they’re going to click accept based on your overall performance.

“Do I stay a little longer or do I leave the task unfinished and go on the dot?”

To avoid giving the impression you don’t want to be there at all, you stay a tad longer to get the job done, but not too long – you don’t want to be the intern who stayed ‘til 6pm without asking to leave at 4pm. Trust me, the company has experienced one.

Ryan Bautista

Ryan is an Arts (Media, Culture and Technology) student at the University of New South Wales. Don’t @ him but pineapple belongs on pizza. 

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