Ten despo struggles you’ll understand if you’re broke AF

March 17, 2017
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We hate to say it, but the povo student stereotype is real. For three years of your life (if not many more), you’ll experience the poverty that comes with working minimal hours for minimal wage, while trying to achieve big dreams of making rent and affording travel. Therefore when you’re a student, desperate times means resorting to some very desperate measures. If you’re broke AF, you’ll know these these struggles too well.

You check your bank balance at least once a day to see if money has magically appeared

You have absolutely no reason to believe this might happen, but you’re still holding on to the hope that you might all of a sudden be bestowed a large sum of money by an anonymous donor. But this never happens – instead, you get the opposite surprise when your account is suddenly in minus dollars because you forgot about your bills.

You’ve used the “I forgot my wallet” line more than once

And you’ve got the bashful “Oh no you shouldn’t!” line down-pat when they offer to pay.

You’ve started getting creative with ramen

In fact, you’ve had to become pretty creative with whatever scraps of food you have left in your cupboard. Ramen on toast? Frozen veggies and Mac ‘n’ cheese for that daily veg serving? Being broke means not being fussy about weird dinner combos.

The first thing you do when you visit friends/fam is raid their cupboard

Once you get past all the pleasantries and “Hellos”, you make a B-line for the cupboard. The family cupboard always seems to be filled to the brim with the luxury food items you can’t afford, like snacks. Oh snacks how we’ve missed you.

You’re going on dates for the free food

OK, so you might be going on dates to meet someone and romance etc. but the free food is a big factor getting you out of your trackies and into clothes that are presentable to the outside world. But every single date you still panic that they're not going to be able to foot the bill, leaving it to you...

Treating yourself means getting the fancy exxy vodka goon

Treat. Yo. Self. Instead of the #BasicBitch Fruity Lexia, on payday you reward yourself with the rosé goon sack flavoured with strawberry and lychee, or if you’re feeling particularly baller, then you’ll upgrade to the vodka goon sacks. Fancaaaaaay.

When you eat out, you scour the menu for the cheapest item

You’ve become known as that friend who always orders an entrée for dinner and a glass of tap water.

You’re a discount kween

You’re all about flashing that student ID for discounts – even if your online shopping mostly involves browsing endlessly and adding items to your wishlist that you’ll never buy.

You’ve resorted to selling Christmas/birthday gifts on eBay

But it isn’t that hard to let go when you get the same shower gel and bath bombs every year.

You’ve sacrificed personal comfort on multiple occasions to save a few bucks

This includes (and is not limited to) refusing to turn on the air con on a 40 degree day, taking three times as long to get somewhere because you can’t afford an Uber and endured the annoying Spotify ads to avoid paying $11.99 a month…

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