Small lifestyle changes that’ll improve your everyday wellbeing

April 12, 2017
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We all want to be healthy, feel happy, achieve everything we’ve set out to do and basically have the best lives we possibly can. However, amidst the chaos that is the life of any twenty-something, our overall wellbeing usually ends up at the bottom of our priority lists.

It’s totally normal, but feeling good plays a huge role in our success, and making these small changes could improve your everyday wellbeing and help you kick your uni and life goals.

Go to bed before 1am

You know the saying, “Sleep is for the weak”? The complete opposite is true. If you’ve ever tried to get anything done at work or uni while feeling like a walking, talking corpse, you’ll know how important sleep is to your productivity and energy levels.

You don’t need to reinstate a bedtime for yourself, but trying to get to bed at a respectable hour every night will give your brain and body some much needed downtime. Not only will your memory and learning abilities improve, but proper rest helps combat symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well fending off those pesky colds and flus.

Eat breakfast

Your mother has probably been telling you this for years, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, folks. According to research into the effects of breakfast on academic performance, a cup of coffee and a piece of toast in the morning just isn’t going to cut it if you want to succeed.

Performing at your best every day requires lots of energy, and starting your day with a decent breakfast every morning can help you stay focused at work or in class and keep those productivity juices flowing, all the while doing your health and metabolism a huge favour.

Schedule me-time

Setting aside time every day to recharge, unwind and enjoy ourselves is an important part of staying sane as twenty-somethings. Whether it’s painting, cycling, walking, or binging Netflix, giving yourself some me-time will help you focus on what really matters to you, while also giving your brain a break so you can complete tasks with more energy and concentration.

Just do you, fam.

Get in your two and five

This might seem like a tall order, but at least trying to get in your two fruits and five vegies a day can improve your mood, control your weight, and give you the energy you need to get you through all those uni assignments.

It’s easy to forget how important your nutrition is when you have so many university, work and social plates spinning at once, but it’s easier to achieve your goals when you’re feeling good within yourself, and eating your two and \five everyday can go a long way in improving your overall happiness, health and wellbeing.

Socialise on the reg

If you’ve ever felt bad for hanging out with a friend when you should be studying then hold onto your hats, kids, because this is the best procrastination/coffee date excuse known to man.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University, regular socialising improves our survival, while social isolation and loneliness can be even more detrimental to our health than obesity or smoking a whole pack of ciggies a day.

Friends help us cope with stress, help us feel fulfilled, and generally make us happier people, so no matter how busy you are, making time to see friends will not only improve your day-to-day life, but you could actually live longer because of it.

Penny Robinson

Penny is a Philosophy and Media and Communications student at the University of Melbourne. She enjoys travelling, snacking, and not going to the gym.