Six ways you can put life into perspective when studying

June 13, 2017
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Perspective is so important. It enables us to really consider our stresses and problems, where most of the time, we realise how lucky we have it. So often, it’s easy to live inside our little student bubble: the stresses of exams are too much, the worry of not meeting rent for the week is overwhelming, or that creeping assignment deadline is coming up way too fast! Do not fear, when all seems too tremendous to handle, remember that there are some tasks you can undertake that will help put life into perspective.

Watch a TED Talk

I have TED Talks as a ‘favourite’ tab on my computer. Any time I feel myself spiralling down into my stressed little study world, I click on the link, and find an inspirational seminar to boost my spirits. Recently, I watched one about how you need to fake it until you become it. Let’s just say it truly helped my motivation levels!

Sit in the sun

Not only does a kiss from the sun leave your skin that little bit tanner, a study has found that a sensible amount of UV rays can cheer you up and give you energy! Take note of the sunny days coming up and cash in on them. There is something so incredible about being still, soaking up the sun, and thinking about how great life is!

Speak to people in other degrees

Honestly, all students have it tough. A degree is a constant balancing act; between a part-time job, excess assignments, copious amounts of study, and of course, a social life, there never seems to be enough hours in a day. Try to remember you are not the only one! Sometimes it can be so refreshing to hear about a completely different discipline, and how their assessment is structured.

Read graduate stories

Have you ever read graduate stories that explicitly outline how they managed to get where they are now? It can be so insightful, especially when you read that some of them didn’t even acquire the degree that you think would be necessary for their position.

I recommend Google-ing a company you could see yourself working for, search for a graduate tab (most websites do have them), and start reading. It can also help with goal setting, or simply can be great reassurance that university will be worth it!

Talk to older people

Grandparents are one of the best outlets when you are feeling so bogged down with study, assignments and more study. If you live close by to an older relative, go pay them a visit and just ask them how their day is going. Before you know it, they will be halfway through a story about “When they were young” and how different things are now. If you are not so fortunate to live near a grandparent, give them a phone call, and have some chats – it will honestly make their day and yours too!

Watch the news

Although the world can sometimes be a cruel place and watching the news is not always a positive experience, it does help with putting life into perspective. If nothing else, being up-to-date with current affairs makes you a more worldly person. I mean, if I didn’t watch the news, I would’ve never found out that Prince Harry was in Australia! Ah!

Just take a step back, and take a deep breath when everything seems too much. While we are studying, it is so easy to let perspective slip to the back of our minds, but we must never let it go into hibernation for too long. Tap into it by doing some of these things, trust me, they work!

Ailish Parr

Ailish is never happy just sitting still and has a secret love for #qanda. She is studying a double degree at the University of Queensland but always makes time for coffee and socialising.

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