Six things you wish someone told you about your first semester of uni

June 30, 2017
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The further you get into your first year, you realise that student life isn’t exactly what you imagined it to be. Quite frankly, they left out a few crucial details at orientation about what was to come. But now you’re a little older and a little wiser, you too will be able to relate to the first-year feels that you wish you’d been told about.

You’ll probably put on weight

Let’s face it, your options at your high school canteen were probably a lot more limited. Whether you’re living on campus or you’ve moved from a small town to a city uni, you’ll undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the food options available to you. And when you have a break inbetween classes that falls perfectly around lunch time, how are you to resist a cute lunch date with the squad?

The cheap options will undoubtedly be the unhealthy options, so you get used to a weekly diet of butter chicken one day and a greasy Pad Thai the next. Once the excitement of good food has worn off, it’s time to find a cheap gym membership…

You will have a few nights that get a bit too messy

There will be a party pretty much every week and there will always be one person who gets a bit too drunk every single time. Sometimes you’ll be that guy, and that’s OK. When bars offer $4 drinks at student nights and you’ve already loaded up at pre-drinks, it’s easy to end up with an embarrassing story about being kicked out of the club. Don't worry, everyone’s been there. Your first year is the best time to figure out how much alcohol your body can take and learn a lesson or two from a killer hangover.

You don’t have to dress to impress

At the start of semester, you’ve got your outfits planned the night before and you make sure you’re looking totes fashionable. After a while, this does get old. As uni work piles up, caring about how you look will become way less of a priority than sleep. It doesn’t take long for your outfits to be replaced by sweatpants and tees. Everyone will be looking like zombies once exams hit and no one will be caring about what you look like.

Everyone has a different uni experience

Whether it’s your high school friends or new uni friends, you’ll find that no one really has the same experience of uni. Some might have five full days of classes and intense study while others breeze through with two or three days off uni and a few assignments with no exams. Regardless of what course you’re doing, everyone will be in the same boat when it comes to adjusting to this new lifestyle.

There will be a lot of free shit (and you should defs take it)

The uni is offering free breakfast? Ummm shit yeah. You won’t realise until you hit your first year how much free shit you can get. Make the most of open days as companies and uni groups will be bribing you with goodie bags and free stuff to come have a chat. You'll come to realise there’s no shame in cashing in those vouchers for a free meal or drink at the uni bar and you actively try to seek them out. Free shit is harder to come by in the real world, so make use of it while you have the chance.

Making friends isn’t always easy

You come to uni with high hopes that you’re going to make loads of friends. There’s hundreds of potential new besties in your course right? But when you turn up to that lecture hall it’s almost a bit too daunting how many people there are. There will be some tutorials where you make friends and others where you sit by yourself, and that’s OK. Not everyone will be like-minded and not everyone has to be your new BFF.

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