Six things that won’t matter after graduation

July 11, 2017
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While uni life can be fun and games, at other times it can be stressful when there's so many pressures wearing us down. If you’re freaking out now about uni or life after uni and want to put things into perspective, these are all the things that won’t matter once you graduate.

Your grades

We all have different goals - some of us are aiming for a HD average and the rest of us are just hoping to land Cs over Ps. Regardless, the marks you get at uni won’t have a great bearing on your future. For any creative jobs out there, chances are employers won’t even look at your transcript, while jobs that previously required high marks are not even requiring a uni degree (Google, PWC, Apple and the Ogilvy Group are starting this trend).

The uni clique

Much like high school, cliques are inevitably formed during your uni years. While it might not look as dramatic as a Mean Girls situation, it can still feel a bit stuck in teenage ways. After uni, you’ll stay friends with the people you care about, and you'll never have to see the people you had literally nothing in common with. Sounds like a win to me.

If you failed one exam/assignment/subject

Failing an assessment or an entire subject isn’t exactly a great feeling, but it’s also not the end of the world. You might be hard on yourself for it, but in five years’ time, it’s not going to matter at all. It might mean a lower mark or re-doing a dull subject, but it won’t ruin your future career prospects – there’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn from it.

How much money you earn

For most students, money is a major point of stress. While you might see friends take on paths to earn the most money when they graduate, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re happy doing a job you love and earning a low starting salary, you’ll have so much more life satisfaction than the person who hates the career path they chose solely on how much money they could earn right away.

The parties you did/didn’t attend

In years to come, if someone is still recalling the wild parties of their uni years in a wistful kind of way, their post-graduation life probs isn't very interesting. The party scene is definitely great to embrace in the uni years, but it also doesn’t matter at all if you didn’t attend that one cruise or ball that your whole cohort raved about for an entire year. There’s way more exciting parties in the adult world to look forward to.

Whether you land a grad job straight away

When you’re in your last semester, landing a grad job straight away seems like the be-all and end-all. But it really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to land a grad job; if you don't land a job until months after you graduate, take that as a blessing in disguise. You’ll get a big break that your eager peers didn’t get and you’ll be fresh and revitalised to take on the full-time world.