Six things Arts students are sick of hearing

February 27, 2017
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It’s fair to say that Arts students are probs the most misunderstood students on campus. Despite so many of us doing Arts degrees, other students still have no fucking clue what we do and assume that Arts students are doomed to work at Macca's forever. From serious questions to being the brunt of jokes, here’s what you’re probs tired of hearing if you’re an Arts student.

“What do you even do?”

First of all, no one seems to know what you do – maybe it’s a fair assumption when no Arts degree looks the exact same. We all have different majors and free electives to do whatever the hell we like, which will only help us find direction in the long run. But please – spare us the condescending tone and insinuation that an Arts degree means three years of bludge subjects.

“But you got good marks, why did you choose an Arts degree?”

Or “Oh, did you not get into your first preference?” Everyone assumes an Arts degree is a last choice option. Why did we choose it? Because we didn’t want to bore ourselves silly with a business degree, that's why. Doing an Arts degree gives you options and a chance to find out what you really want to do. Besides, a high mark doesn’t have to mean doing medicine or law.

“At least it’ll be easy.”

Only Arts students will find this hilarious. Please don't assume we chose an Arts degree because it looked easy – when every subject gives you 3000 word essays (or more) all due at the same time, it sure doesn’t feel easy. Chances are Arts students will deal with thought-provoking and complex ideas that are applicable IRL.

“Do you get to, like, paint and shit?”

It’s not a visual arts degree URG.

“Aren’t you worried about landing a job after uni?”

Isn’t everyone? Being worried about job prospects actually has nothing to do with the fact that we’re doing an Arts degree. No matter what field you’re in, chances are you’re a bit worried about landing a full-time gig straight after graduation.

“What kind of job can you even get with an Arts degree?”

People don’t realise just how many options we have. What jobs can you get with your law degree? Just a law job right? The beauty of a broad degree is you can try things out, take different sub-majors and find something you want to specialise in. Arts students also get prepped with killer communication skillz that are so valuable to the workplace.

But the clincher that we’re really sick of hearing is “Have fun working at Macca's for the rest of your life!” HAHAHA no.

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