Six signs you’ve found your ultimate uni squad

December 13, 2016
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Making friends at uni can be daunting AF. That first tutorial sitting all by yourself can be terrifying when you're used to having a squad by your side. But thanks to group assignments and general forced mingling, by now you may have found some awesome new friends at uni. Whether you’ve just come to the end of your first year or your last, these signs might just indicate you’ve found your ultimate uni squad.

You have constant backup at uni

Before you enrol in tutorials, you double check your squad is going to be in the same class as you, or at least have a similar timetable so you can share uni breaks together. If you’ve got the same lectures, you’ve already organised a system where you sign your bud’s name when they’ve got too many assignments (either that, or they’re really hungover). Basically, your squad has got you covered.

Your squad is on a first-name basis with the staff at the uni bar

Since that first drink at the uni bar, it’s been your regular hangout ever since. You're there at least once a week, always turning up at the same time between classes or at the end of the day for those happy hour bevs. During uni holidays, you have some serious uni bar withdrawals - unless, of course, you continue to rock up when semester is long finished.

You have a Messenger/Viber/WhatsApp group you can’t keep up with

It seemed like a good idea at first, but whenever you try to plan events, there’s too many people and too much confusion. If you happen to not check your phone for one whole hour, you’re going to have a hard time catching up. The group name is of course an inside joke and you’ve defs decked out the group with nicknames, emojis and gifs.

You hang together outside of uni

That’s when you know your squad has reached the next level. Once you start hanging outside the uni bar (probably just at different bars), you’re squad goals have reached enviable status. What high school friends? Your uni squad is where it’s at.

Your communication is 99 per cent memes/emojis

That’s a sign of true friendship. Half the time you’re not even having proper conversations, but you feel like you are with the constant Facebook tagging. A meme or article can explain those student life feels better than you ever could. Not many words need to be discussed, just a few words and emojis is enough to know you’re still tight.

You know you’ll still be tight when uni has finished

You already know that your friendship has gone beyond just needing each other so you’re not all alone in tutes. They will no longer be known as your uni squad, but will just be your normal, regular, everyday squad you can hopefully share lunch breaks and after-work drinks with when you land a full-time gig. Even if some of you go your separate ways, you know you’ll still have a squad for life.

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