Six signs you’re 100% done with modern dating

November 03, 2016
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There was probably a time where you were excited to enter the single dating world. Even if it didn’t result in a relationship, it sounded like a lot of fun. Meeting new people, scoring a few free drinks or a few free meals – sounds like a lot of fun, right? How wrong we were. These are the signs that modern dating has left you bitter, cynical and 100 per cent done.

You’re starting to consider that no-hoper on Tinder

When you first signed up to Tinder, your standards were ridiculously high. As soon as you saw the calibre of interesting people, this slowly began to lower as you realised you were swiping right for less than a handful of people. It’s probably now stooped to the point where you’re even considering that guy who asked you over for an innocent “Netflix and Chill”.

You feel overwhelmed with options, but still feel interested in no one

Tinder is just the start of it. Let’s not forget Happn, Bumble, Badoo, PlentyOfFish – the list goes on. Once you start to switch between all the different apps, the huge pool of single people available to you  seems like a good thing at first. You assume you'll be able to find someone to date out of all these people, right? Nope nope nope. It becomes a bit depressing just how many duds there are.

You’re constantly in the ‘just seeing each other’ limbo

If you do find yourself on a first date, chances are it’ll be a complete disaster or just hella boring. If you’re lucky, you might want to pursue a second date. As you start to go on more dates, you will find yourself being uncertain about just about everything. Are they still using Tinder on the side? Are we seeing each other or is this jutst casual? Do they want this? Do I want this? At one point does this become a relationship? We hate to say it, but this happens every single time.

You’ve realised your stalking skills have gotten out of hand

Even before you’ve been on one date, you’re all over this person’s social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, their abandoned MySpace and Bebo accounts – you need to get as much dirt as possible so you know you’re not wasting your time. You curse this person for having the sense to make their accounts private. It’s only when you accidentally like their friend’s sister’s husband’s photo that you know you have a serious problem.

You begin to long for a time when people used to call each other

Remember that simpler time? Probably not because you’re not 50 and calling someone on the phone is daunting AF. But oh boy have you begun to hate the texting game. You'll receive a nonchalant text from that guy or girl you went out with days later, so what do you do? You purposely wait a couple of hours to seem totes chill and reply back with an even more casual, offhand text.

Then the waiting game starts. They’ve obviously done the exact same thing you have and it’s absolute torture. You begin to regret everything you’ve said, re-read it a million times and bury your head under a pillow, knowing you’ll never date again.

You’re starting to bail on dates (even if it means saying no to a free meal)

At the beginning, you’d say yes to any date if it meant scoring a free meal. Never mind the guy – if payday was still a week away, this was your chance to go out for a nice meal and a couple drinks that you wouldn't normally be able to afford. But after a few times experiencing the exact same date, you’re not even willing to do it for the free food any more. It’s way too exhausting and it’s just not worth the effort. So totally 100 per cent done.

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