Six random acts of kindness to perform on campus before the end of semester

October 20, 2016
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Semester two is drawing to an end and everyone is probably starting to feel the stress of final assignments and exam prep. If you are feeling the heat, perhaps performing some random acts of kindness may alleviate the anxiety and help produce those positive feels.

Give someone your parking ticket as you are leaving

Parking on campus tends to add up – especially if you are driving in most days of the week. Next time you see someone pull in for a late class, tell them not to waste their money as you hand over your all day parking ticket. Random kindness spreads happy vibes and, who knows, they might do the same for you or someone else one day!

Pay for the coffee order behind you

As we edge closer to week 13, a decent caffeine hit to smash out our final assignments is all a student thinks about. As you line up for your final takeaway coffee this semester, pay for the person behind you. As students, money is always tight, so even if you throw the barista a few coins towards that stranger’s coffee, it’s the thought that counts. Who knows, you may just make that person’s week!

Offer to exchange notes with the person you have been sitting next to all semester

All semester you’ve had small talk conversations about the weather, how screwed you are for uni and everything inbetween. If you really want to be generous, offer to exchange notes for the final exam. Not only will you gain some extra notes on things you missed throughout the semester, it also gives you an excuse to catch up outside of class. What if this is the start of a flourishing friendship? 

Thank your tutor as you leave their class for the final time

A simply thank you is so underrated these days. You may not have enjoyed the way your tutor taught content (btw that is what teacher evaluations are for) but they do show up to class for 13 weeks of the semester (sometimes questionable). I sympathise with them when they’re trying to engage the class at 8am and not a single soul makes eye contact or contributes. Despite that, they will still continue to persist. As you walk out of their class for the final time, say thank you. They will appreciate it!

Leave a sticky note on the back of a cubical door

So this might be really annoying for the university cleaners, but I think they won’t mind when they realise the positive effect it may have on someone’s day. Write a cool quote, scribe some inspirational words or tell a stranger that the result of one exam will not determine their success in life. Who doesn’t want to read positive affirmations while peeing?


Yes we are stressed, yes uni is defeating us and yes you just spilt coffee on your shirt, but always remember to smile. It is so easy to be distracted by the negatives in your day, but science has proven that emotions are reinforced by corresponding facial expressions. That means there are no excuses not to show off those pearly whites!  Also, it’s free! #winning

So, let’s go kids! There are only a few weeks left to perform these random acts of kindness, so go out and permeate positive vibes throughout campus!

Ailish Parr

Ailish is never happy just sitting still and has a secret love for #qanda. She is studying a double degree at the University of Queensland but always makes time for coffee and socialising.

Image: COD Newsroom, Flickr Creative Commons license