Six Girls quotes that perfectly sum up student life

December 03, 2015
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In case you haven't heard, the trailer for Girls season five just dropped. And while the main characters are all grown up (hello, Marnie getting hitched and Hannah, like, cohabiting), there's still no doubt that the show's as relatable as ever. In anticipation for the next season, which drops in February next year, we've rounded up some of the best quotes that perfectly sum up uni life.

“I don’t usually pack. I usually leave my crap in a pile and hope it makes it to where I’m going.” – Hannah Horvath

We’re all a little bit in denial about the fact that mother dearest is no longer around to help us with adulting: laundry, paying bills, making a dinner that doesn’t consist of cereal and tap water (true story). But it’s mostly painful realising she’s not there to neatly fold our panties and pack our suitcase with Tetris-like precision before a trip abroad. Instead, socks are lumped in with toothbrushes with thongs with your one fancy outfit with that lone condom you remembered to pack.

“You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there every day, even on the days you don’t feel like it.” – Jessa Johansson

We haven’t all been introduced to the Big Bad World of Careers just yet, but this can apply to many other situations, like internships/bar work/retail work/lectures/anything that requires pants.

"My circumstances have changed, and I can no longer afford to work for free." - Hannah Horvath

OK, so maybe this one's not exactly gospel. We won't flog the dead unpaid internship horse here, but the girl's got a point.

“It’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive!” – Hannah Horvath

Friday night, Saturday night - pah. Wednesdays are where it’s at. We’re not entirely sure how Wednesday became student night, but we’re all for kicking the weekend off three days early. That is, until…

“I woke up in Harlem smelling like moussaka.” – Elijah Krantz

Hey, we’ve all been there (figuratively).

 “I just wish someone would tell me, like, ‘This is how the rest of your life should look.’” – Marnie Michaels

On. Point. 


Image: Girls official Facebook page