Six feelings you’ll have if you’re approaching your last semester ever

June 10, 2016
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Many students will be finishing their degrees this semester and if you’re one of the soon-to-be graduates, you may be feeling a little nostalgic. You may also be feeling a little bit of panic about what you’re going to do after uni and feeling baffled as to where all the time has gone. Here are six feelings soon-to-be graduates will all be able to relate to.

Job hunting hate

If you’re planning to go straight into a job after you finish your degree you’ll understand the pain. The job search seem endless, applications are like an exam in itself and after all that hard work, you just get an email saying “thanks, but no thanks”. It seems like you need to have 20 years of experience before you enter the workforce nowadays.

Where did the time go?!

It seems like just yesterday your parents were dropping you off at halls or you were heading off for your first day of class. All of a sudden it’s three, four or five years later and you’re in your last few weeks.  Most likely a lot of feelings of nostalgia will be setting in about your time at university.  Feelings of dread may also start to sink in. You actually have to get your shit together now, leave the cosy life of being a student behind and head on out into the real world.

You’re sick of hearing: “What are your plans after you finish?”

You still don’t know yourself and whenever someone asks, you give a different answer each time. One day it’s a high-flying job in one place, the next day you’re planning on travelling and volunteering seems appealing too. Or maybe a master’s or PHD. There are way too many decisions to be made about life after uni.

You’re ready to go…

The time has come.  You’re ready to move on to the next stage in your life. Assignments are becoming more of a drag than ever before and distractions are few and far between.  You’re ready for more structure and routine in your life and, dare I say it, ready to face real adulthood. 

…but you’re also not ready

There’s also the fear that your best years are behind you and the pressure to actually sort your life out is getting all a bit too much. After leaving high school, you thought you had all the time in the world to figure your shit out and now three or four years have passed and you’re still not so sure. 

You’re don’t want to give up the student lifestyle

Student life is all you have known for the past few years and now it all has to change?! Sleeping in until 12, going to the bare minimum number of lectures and tutorials and the all-nighters will become a thing of the past. You’ll miss the late night fast-food runs, mid-week parties and all the amazing friendships you’ve made.  Maybe it’s just easier if you do another degree…

Olivia Morris

Olivia is a lover of gin, everything Harry Potter and all things travel.  She is currently completing her Masters of Media Practice at the University of Sydney.

Image: Marcin Grabski, Flickr Creative Commons license