Seven things you can only get away with wearing as a student

August 02, 2016
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As students we like to think we’ve got our lives ‘sorted’; we pretend to have direction, and we tell our parents that we make a home-cooked meal every night for dinner. However, the reality is that somewhere along the line, we’ll probably crawl into foetal position, admit defeat and carry out our uni days wondering what it’s really like to be a real life adult.

If Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada walked on to any Aussie uni campus, she’d be utterly disappointed with our lame attempt at fashun. More than likely, she’d tell all of us: “You have no style or sense of fashion.”

But, if you’re unsure about wearing something on campus this semester, look no further than our guide to what you can get away with wearing while your uni days last.

Dirty AKA “aired” clothes

In other words, “I’m saving the environment, Mum.” Generally, washing is not one of our priorities and what’s the difference between washing detergent and the breeze from nature anyway?

Both of them seem to do the same job when it comes to ‘cleaning’ our clothes. Besides, learning how to use a washing machine is totally for our post-grad bucket list, right?


And we’re not just talking about wearing onesies for a fundraiser. Lately, it seems to be a staple item in the wardrobe of many students. What’s even better is that hardly anyone seems to look twice when someone struts into a tute sporting a cow onesie equipped with utters. Ah, student life!


Pyjamas seem to become more common as exams loom closer. Usually your fellow peers will try to be subtle, denying that their oversized hoodie is in fact covering a flannelette pyjama top that they haven’t washed (see point one) in weeks. But hey guys, we’re stressed out students, so this is totally acceptable. As long as you wear deodorant, that is.


These beauties were invented for ease of shoe selection when you’re running two minutes late for the bus. Yes, we know that slipping into these bad boys is so easy, but one piece of advice: buy a semi-sturdy brand, because we all know someone who’s broken a thong at uni only to then use duct tape to fix them so they can carry out the day.

For those going on exchange, please remember to call them ‘flip flops’ otherwise we could be in all sorts of strife.

Birkenstocks and socks

Desperate times call for desperate measures. You’re stressed out to your eyeballs with countless essays, group assignments and exam prep so all you want to do is get to uni and put your brain to work.

To make matters worse, it’s winter and you can’t find any of your closed-in shoes and your Birkenstocks seem to be staring right at you… Something tells me this won’t cut it when you land that ultimate office job!

Clashing prints

Although this makes me cringe, as a student it seems like we can get away with wearing leopard print pants and a stripy top. Theoretically, this could make anyone with an interest fashion break out in hot sweats. That said, if executed with confidence, it’ll work!

Slogan t-shirts

The amount of ‘yolo’ and ‘I woke up like this’ t-shirts flying around campus is endless, but that’s totally acceptable because (for us students anyway) there’s a lot of truth in said slogans.

Also, I don’t care what people say - jeans and athleisure trainers have actually become a thing. In fact, the right trainer and correct cut of jeans can leave a student looking like a fashion King or Queen.

So make sure you commit fashion sins as a student while you still can. As soon as we land amazing grad jobs, that’s when we’ll need to dress all profesh.

Ailish Parr

Ailish is never happy just sitting still and has a secret love for #qanda. She is studying a double degree at the University of Queensland but always makes time for coffee and socialising.

Image: Michael DunnFlickr Creative Commons license