Seven money problems that prove you’re well into adulthood

August 24, 2015
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One thing often said about students is that we’re all poor and incredibly desperate for more money - and it’s certainly bloody true. While it’s probably partly due to the fact that we’re not yet on fulltime wages, it’s also because the financial realities of life have started to hit: the amount of money we spend now, compared to when we were teenagers, is almost offensively high. There are several money woes that finally make you understand what your parents were on about when you were growing up.

Your standard household bills

Moving out of home is a huge rite of passage. Of course, you’re prepared to pay rent – I mean you were going to have to start paying that eventually. But then the bills start rolling in: electricity, gas, water, internet… Like something straight out of a horror flick, you find yourself lying on your bedroom floor in paralysing fear of the severe lack of funds in your bank account - and the knowledge that your next lot of bills are just around the corner.


How can you not love the fact that something humans actually need to do to survive can set you back so much? It’s the best! *heavy sarcasm*

As a student, eating out is something you’ll find yourself doing increasingly often; partly because it gives you the chance to down some delicious food, and partly because you’re too lazy to cook your own. But even if you cook your own food, you still have to spend valuable dollars on groceries once a week or so. I’ll give you a moment to call your parents to thank them for feeding you for all those years.

Uni parking

If you ever needed convincing that you should travel to uni via public transport more often, all you need to do is look at the outrageously expensive parking at uni. My uni charges $160 for a year’s worth of parking, but if yours is city-based, often it’s a ridiculous daily rate.


I’m sure you already knew this, and I’m equally sure that you’re OK with it.

Coin laundries

Not just a catchy Lisa Mitchell song, coin laundries are a terrifying reality for some of us living out of home. For a few dollars a go, you can make sure your clothes look and smell somewhat presentable, and don’t prevent you from leaving the house. Now, initially that doesn’t seem like much, but boy does it add up. In fact, that’s true of a lot of things you’ll have to pay for once you enter adulthood.


Of course, this only applies to a few of those among us. If you’re a freelance worker with an ABN, then that means you have to file your own taxes for any income you earn through that line of work. Doing your own taxes is about as confusing and daunting as diffusing a time bomb under pressure, and not doing so correctly can be equally as dangerous. This means you’ll have to head on over to an accountant to help you out. The irony is that those bloodsuckers cost an arm and a leg just to help you out with saving your own money. Such is life, huh?

HECS debt

I can practically hear your cries of horror from here. OK, so technically you're not paying it back now, but it'll soon be a reality, kids. Eventually, once you’re earning the big bucks, you’ll have to start paying for the education that got you there. But there’s an easy life hack to cover this problem: never finish uni. Do whatever it takes to make sure you’re considered a uni student until your dying day. You’ll avoid paying your HECS debt, and you’ll still reap all the benefits that student discounts have to offer. A win/win if you ask me.

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.

Image: Marawder, Flickr Creative Commons license