Seven life hacks everyone living on campus needs to know

February 22, 2017
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If you are leaving the nest to live on campus this year, you need to get on these hacks ASAP to nail #uniyf! Read away you adult, you.

Shower hack

If you live in a group dorm, wearing flip-flops is a shower essential. It only takes one nasty wart or foot fungus to make you never go barefoot again. Getting a bathrobe is also a good idea so you don’t have to walk back to your room in only a slip towel – it’s an embarrassing moment ready to happen.

Food hack

Buy your food in bulk and keep a big stash of it in your apartment somewhere. Buying in bulk will guarantee you won’t run out of food each week and housemates won’t steal your food (hopefully).

If you don’t like doing dishes, put cling wrap over your plate before you put the food on there. Once you’re finished, all you need to do is take the cling wrap off and you still have a clean plate!

Chores hack

Make a game out of your chore roster by making it a Wheel of Fortune game. Just split up all the things that need to get done on the wheel like sweeping, dusting, taking out the trash and so on. Then each week everyone can take turns spinning the wheel to see what chore they get.

Organisation hack

Get an over the door shoe organiser to put all your shower/make up/hair stuff in. It is a good way to keep your things organized and separate.

Use a shower caddy as storage for whatever you want. It can hold your notebooks, other school supplies and you can also hang your keys on it. These are inexpensive and will hold a lot.

Bills hack

Download an app that’ll make splitting bills easy. Splitwise and Venmo are both available for Androids and iPhones and let you track your expenses with friends. You can also set up a Google Drive account and invite all your roommates to a shared spreadsheet that has a list of all the monthly expenses.

Decoration hack

After sticking some thumbtacks into a corkboard, hang your necklaces off of the thumbtacks for easy storage and décor. You can also try making space for more hangers by saving all of those little pull-off tabs from cans and sliding them onto the hook of your hanger. This allows you to hang another hanger from that first tab and expand your closet in all of its fashionable glory.

If you want to give your dorm a little bit of spark, ask your parents for old Christmas lights and hang them up around your room instead of buying fairy lights!

Style hack

No iron? No worries. Hanging your wrinkled shirt or dress up in a hot steamy shower is a fool proof way to get rid of those crinkles. Your hair straightener will suffice as well.

It’s always good to have some stain hacks handy, so to remove a red wine stain, blot it out with white wine (it really works) and get rid of the inevitable coffee stain by running it under cold water and then gently soaking it in detergent. Learn these and you’ll do your mother proud.

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

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