Seven important job skills you didn’t know you had

April 06, 2016
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Have you ever seen a job ad that says: “Entry level position available. Needs two years’ experience”? If the answer is yes, then you’re officially an increasingly despondent, experience-lacking Millennial on the hunt for a job.

The good news is that there’s hope. Though you may not have a resume as long as your Twitter feed, you do have these seven important job skills that may help you get ahead of the game.

You can Google like a pro

When the big boss comes running to your desk yelling, “I don’t know how to fix this!” you’ll be surprised that their first thought wasn’t to Google it. Don’t be -- that’s where you come in. As a Millennial, your automatic ability to have a solution for everything thanks to dear Mr G will quickly brand you the problem-solver of the office. Embrace it.    

You know how to #hashtag

Growing up with the evolution of iPhones means that social media niceties are completely intuitive to you. The hours you’ve spent wading through online politics and double tapping Instagram means that you can officially claim the title of ‘expert’. But be warned: most employers don’t know they need your help until you point it out to them. So make sure you do.

You can write an emoji-less email

If you can send a well-formatted email that doesn’t contain repeated misspellings or “Sent from an iPhone”, then you’ve officially landed the professionalism badge. Please, no kisses on the end.

You can make a mean Drake meme

It seems a lot of Gen X bosses love to get down with the kids by using memes. Offering a totally new and innovative joke about “Netflix and chill” or creating a dancing Drake gif has you ticking the pop culture box so firmly that marketers will salivate. Be prepared to lose a little dignity.

You are focused on a passion

Millennials often get a bad rap for being flighty. Though you may not stick in one role for 20 years, you do have an important trait: dedication. So make sure you apply for jobs in a field you’re interested in, and keep pushing for work you’re passionate about. Your boss will definitely notice it.

You want to be a self-starter

Helicopter supervisors, be gone! As a Millennial, you’re increasingly motivated by personal career goals rather than company goals. Though that can sound like a negative trait, what it actually means is that you no longer need someone pushing you to get the job done. So jump out of the nest and begin being proactive: self-sufficiency is an attractive skill to any employer.

You can learn anything and everything 

If you’re applying for jobs thinking, “Shit, I haven’t opened Excel since 2005,” then it’s time to realise one important fact: you know how to learn. YouTube and the internet have blessed us with a world of expertise and knowledge, and Millennials know how to use it. Look up a walkthrough tutorial and follow the steps – soon you’ll be teaching the whole office how to Photoshop.

When you’re scouring through Seek and LinkedIn looking for the perfect role, don’t sell yourself short. You may not have the ideal experience, but you do have a lot of unique skills to offer. So go for it -- pitch yourself to your dream employer. You never know, they may want to buy what you have.  

Sarah Mould

Sarah is a creative Honours student at the University of Technology, Sydney. She’s also a daggy dancer and denim enthusiast. You can tweet her @thesarahmould