Quotes everyone struggling with adulthood needs to read

March 17, 2017
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#Adulting means something different to everyone, which is clear to see when you actually search that hashtag. For some it might be buying a car, for others it could be an Ikea shop or doing taxes for the first time. But when you see that ominous hashtag pop up in your feed, it can make you feel like you haven’t achieved this ideal of “adulthood” that everyone around you has reached.

Although everyone might look like they’re kicking goals on social media, no one breezes into adult life. It’s a struggle for most and you’re not alone – need further proof? These quotes will probs resonate with any semi-functioning adult.

“Being an adult is when you have to spend your money on stuff that you hate.” – Jenna Marbles

We’re with you on that one, Marbles. Saving for fun things like travel is made so much harder when you have to buy boring af (but necessary) things like cleaning supplies, car rego, health insurance… the list goes on. Sure, it does suck to pay for these, but take solace in the fact that if you pay for any of these things, chances are you’re already a proper adult.

“Let me tell you something—staying up all night working on a paper about Malcolm X ain’t got shit on staying up all night wondering if you will run out of money.” – Alida Nugent

As the author of One Twentysomething's (Mostly Failed) Attempts at Adulthood, Alida has a lot of wisdom to dish out on adulthood. It’s all about keeping things in perspective, even if it’s looking bleak.

“People evolve and it's important to not stop evolving just because you've reached adulthood.” –  J. K. Simmons

The journey between your adolescence and adulthood is tumultuous and will definitely greet you with a lot of change – but hopefully it’s all for the better. If you feel like others are killing it and progressing in life, ask yourself whether it’s because you’re stagnant. If you’re doing all you can, then keep it up.

“Part of adulthood is searching for the people who understand you.” – Hanya Yanagihara

Say goodbye to the high school friends who you don’t see eye to eye with anymore, and hello to the people who actually get you. It’s scary and sad to let go of old friends, but befriending new ones will also make sure you don’t get stuck in the bubble of high school.

“One of the most jolting days of adulthood comes the first time you run out of toilet paper. Toilet paper, up until this point, always just existed. And now it's a finite resource, constantly in danger of extinction, that must be carefully tracked and monitored, like pandas?” – Kelly Williams Brown

The true struggle of moving out of home is not cooking your own meals or cleaning, but running out of toilet paper. When you actually remember to buy the super jumbo sized bulk pack so you’re constantly in stock, it’s only then that you can say you’re a proper adult.

“Would you like to know your future? If your answer is yes, think again. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence, a surprise.” – Vera Nazarian

It really speaks for itself. Preach.

"I don’t think I’d have been in such a hurry to reach adulthood if I’d known the whole thing was going to be ad-libbed."  — Bill Watterson

A memo for all of you who are keen on growing up – what’s the rush? If you’re killing it at this whole adulting thing, good for you! But consider whether you’re ready for these big adult life decisions – getting engaged or putting a deposit on a house might make you feel adult af, but don’t rush the decision in a rush to grow up.