Nine unproductive things we’re all guilty of doing instead of studying

March 23, 2017
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It’s the same every semester – we start off with a promise to start our assignments early and stay on top of our readings, only to break that promise before mid-sem break even hits. If you’ve left work to the last possible minute one too many times, these procrasti-habits will sound all too familiar.

Doing the maths to figure out how much you need to pass the subject

Desperate times, desperate measures. Instead of actually working on that assignment, you spend your time figuring out the marks you need to get a pass, based on your past assignments. The higher the number needed, the more stressed you are (and regretting your choice to do the maths, yet still not cracking down on that essay).

You take romantic walks to the fridge

When assignments piled up, you get snacky. You’re not even hungry – you’re just bored. You tell yourself it’s good to get up and walk around, which is why you get up and check the fridge every 20 minutes in the hope that some amazing delicious food will magically appear.

Never. Stop. Scrolling.

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr – the struggle is so real. Even when nothing interesting is happening, you’ll continue to check all the social media platforms compulsively after every sentence you write. Hey, it’s just a reward system!

You decide it’s a good time to clean your room

Because how can you possibly concentrate when your room is a mess? Instead of just stopping when your room is tidy enough though, you decide it’s a good idea to vacuum the carpet and scrub the windows. Cleaning isn’t exactly unproductive, but you know you’re deep in procrastination when you start dusting.

You get trapped in a vicious circle of internet browsing

It hits midnight, your assignment is due that day, but now is the time you’ve decided to crack the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Or uncover the conspiracy behind the JFK shooting. One article leads you to another which leads you to another… the endless Wikipedia cycle never stops. Next thing you know you’re looking at before and after photos of Ariana Grande, with no recollection of how you got to that point.

Message everyone you know

You’ve responded to all group chats and messages and are actually keeping a track of the threads, that’s how bored you are. When no one seems to be on chat, you pester anyone you know to distract you from the hell that is this assignment.

You call your parents

Or, you know, you visit them in the next room if you live with them. Either way, you’re suddenly dying to spend time with them for "no particular reason". 

Go through a technology cleanse

Because when you have T-Minus 12 hours until an assignment is due, it seems like the best time to go through a cleanse. You clear out your inbox, delete photos from your camera roll and organise all your documents into neat folders. Oh good, 11 hours until deadline.

Take a “quick” Netflix study break that turns into a binge

You tell yourself it’s just going to be one episode, but we all know that’s a lie.

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