Nine important life skills we wish we were taught in high school

October 25, 2016
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High school is that crucial time in your life where you learn all about physics, biology, drama, history and art. It’s that time where you question the importance of everything you are learning and find it unfair to revise irrelevant content over and over again.

Just think back to all those times during maths class when someone said, “What is the point of this?” during yet another explanation of the Pythagoras theorem.  In my first year as a classified adult, I have been dwelling on all of the things I never learnt during high school. Because let’s face it, you really don’t need to know about triangles to survive in the real world.

Taxes and superannuation

OK, what even are they? Why do they exist? And how the hell do I benefit from them? I know I have to put my tax return in someday soon but I’m procrastinating from doing it because I don’t even know why I have to.

Wait, so you tell me there’s a slight possibility that I’ll receive some money back?

All right, I’ll do it.


We all know how to make money, but do we know how to save it? Budgeting is one of the main struggles in every uni student’s life and it’s because we were never really taught how to do it in high school. Or maybe it’s because it’s expensive to get drunk these days. Cry for us please.

Maintaining your mental health

Maintaining your mental health is a vital part of being alive. We should have been taught how to utilise creativity as a means of reflection, how to exercise when you’re feeling down and how eating healthy food will help to boost your morale.

Environmental sustainability

I fully support this one, considering the damage we are all doing to our world (i.e The Great Barrier Reef. If you haven’t heard what’s happening? Then go educate yourself). Hence why our school system needs to teach us about sourcing sustainable products and energy so we can stop killing the environment we live in. 

(Actually useful) Sex education

Because we are tired of labelling the reproduction system and expecting to know everything about sex. Majority of what we learn comes from the banter between other school kids, so why not do a class on it instead?

Safety on the roads

Every week we hear of another P plater who has died at the wheel. Safety on the roads is essential knowledge that I feel was never provided to me during high school. How about we have a real life victim of a car crash come in to talk about the harsh reality of driving whilst texting? Or how about we make driver’s education a compulsory subject at school?

Drug awareness

With the cost of party drugs being somewhat cheaper then getting drunk these days, I’d say this is an incredibly important issue to attack.

That’s all.

Compulsory first aid

­­­Learning how to help someone in a time of need is a strong quality not only to throw on your resume, but also to be a good human being. School should teach students first aid and CPR basics because you never know when you might need them.

Current news and events discussions

It’s incredibly healthy to have a class discussion about current news events. Even finding alternative news and media sources would be extremely beneficial.

So, should we start a petition to have these things implemented into schools around Australia? Or should we keep learning about right-angled triangles?

Elly-Grace Rinaldis

Elly-Grace writes as a means of escape to her fantasies of a Greek summer. Dancing In Violent Fields is her lifestyle and travel blog for souls seeking inspiration.