Moving out of home: expectations vs reality

July 26, 2016
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Moving out is a rite of passage for those crossing the bridge into the strange, strange world of adulthood. It’s exciting, scary and liberating all at the same time. The best part? Without the ‘rents hassling you, you’ll no longer need to sweat the small stuff like making your bed or arguing over who used all the hot water.

It’s common to think you have a pretty clear idea of what things are going to be like once you finally make the big move. You think you’re independent enough to take care of yourself – after all, you made it through an entire series of MasterChef. Or maybe that one time at school camp when you had to wash dishes by hand gave you enough confidence in your skills of the domestic cleaning kind.

Chances are, you may not be all that prepared. Throughout the process of learning to survive on your own, it’s going to get pretty messy until you find out how to make it work.

Expectation: “I’m never going to have to wait for the bathroom again!”

Reality: “What do you mean there are no younger siblings to pressure into bringing me toilet paper?”

Many towels were ruined that day…

Expectation: “I’ve been saving for ages, I barely spend any money and I did VCE accounting… budgeting’s in the bag.”

Reality: “I’m going to sell my textbooks to pay my rent.”

Sure, you’ve been a money hoarding mastermind at home… because the fridge was stocked, bills payed and your parents had everything covered. Now it’s all on you; you’ll need to juggle work, find and survive a job that pays you enough to make it to next week. It’s not as easy as it sounds, you guys.

Expectation: “Yesss… I never have to clean my room, fold my washing, and vacuum.”

Reality: “If my landlord finds the roving pack or rats in my room again, I’m going to be homeless.”

Not only do you have to clean your room, but you have to clean everything. Yes, even outside. Sure it’s not the landlord’s business whether or not you’ve changed the sheets in two months but they will mind if you’ve got an aggressive pack of rats terrorising the house.

Doing a spring clean is a bit more fun now that you don’t have to turn the tunes down because your parents are trying to watch TV in the next room.

Expectation: “My place will look exactly how I want and no one will bust my aesthetic.”

Reality: “I found the couch on the street, we’ll assume the stains are tomato sauce and mayonnaise and never, ever, question it.”

IKEA is actually pretty expensive if you’re coughing up for delivery too - and that’s without devouring those classic meatballs.

Getting new furniture and designing the apartment exactly the way you want it is something that should be saved for later on and not while making your share house debut.

Expectation: “I going to make homemade OJ and ramen because I AM KING OF THE KITCHEN.”

Reality: “Toasted sandwiches are a thing. A beautiful thing.”

Yeah, turns out cooking isn’t as easy as you thought it’d be, especially when the ingredients don’t just magically appear in the cupboard like they used to. The simple rule: don’t be afraid of going vego for a while if you’re worried about giving yourself food poisoning.

Expectation: “I’m going to make heaps of new friends and have baller house parties on the reg.”

Reality: “All I want to do is Netflix and chill.”

Chances are you still won’t even know your neighbours by name after a couple of months. This can get especially awkward if you wind up saying: “Oh hey, ‘person who always puts things in my garbage bin!'”

Throwing parties? Just trying to shift a bunch of unconscious lads off your couch is enough effort without the hangover you have yourself.

Harrison Johnstone

A country kid at heart with city slicking aspirations in his head, Harrison is an aspiring journalist, video editor and human being.