Mistakes to avoid when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time

January 03, 2017
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No matter how awfully awkward you think you are, there is no way you can top Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents. Painful and cringe-worthy, the film is a nightmare for anyone dreading their first proper conversation/interrogation with their partner’s parents. Already shivering? Well keep reading for some mistakes to avoid total embarrassment and future self-loathing.

Winging it

It’s definitely a no, no. Instead, study like you have never studied before, learning everything you might need to know like current employment, likes, dislikes, manners etc. You might just earn yourself some brownie points from a suave side comment.

Being late

Opt for the fashionably early, so for the few remaining minutes you have left, you can again interrogate your partner for any final details. Plus, you can make some final adjustments to your hair or clothes, take a breath mint or watch a dog video to get those happy vibes vibin’.

Rocking up in sweats

Flowing on from the vibin’ vibes, dressing appropriately is definitely the right way to go because no matter who your partner’s parents believe themselves to be, the once over will happen and it will make or break that first greeting.


Take it slowwww, and don’t accidentally share a story about how you and bae got thrashed thinking it’s a funny story but ho, ho, ho, no.

Being someone else

Nothing’s more exhausting than hyping yourself up and then having to stick to this whole new person whenever you have dinner with your partner’s parents again. It’s always best to just be yourself and let them get to know the real you.  


It’s so easy to tune out and chat yourself up during conversation with your partner’s mother and then all of the sudden they’re asking you a question and you’re screwed. So be sure to pay attention, add in some of those nods, a smile etc. Treat it like it’s a job interview.

Extreme PDA

Nothing says ‘dude no’ more than groping your partner’s arse or planting one helluva sloppy kiss in front of the parents. Just no, quench the thirst another time. 

Playing who can stay quiet the longest

Be sure to speak up and not be afraid to show confidence. Try and find the balance between kissing ass and still maintaining individuality.

Being a dick

If you happen to be in a cross-cultural relationship, then be open and highly conscious that your significant other’s parents are a) of a different generation, b) have differing beliefs c) potentially have differing attitudes to everything. And most definitely don’t laugh at accents… at least not in front of them, no matter how humorous in a lovable way they might be.

Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding for more, it’s a blast.

Kicking back while they clear the table

No matter how adamant they are for you to stay put, we all know it’s a test. So put those groovy manners to use and wash the dishes, serve dessert or put your coffee/tea making skills to the test for the ultimate first impression. 

Being a Moaning Myrtle

But in case everything goes pear shape and you’re already going through the five stages of self-loathing, then just make the best out of it because at least you tried. 

Steffanie Tan

Steffanie is studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University and is horrible at bios and that is all that needs to be said.

Image: Meet the Parents official Facebook page