Living by yourself: Expectations vs reality

May 03, 2017
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Living by yourself is a really cool experience. Although it can be expensive, you have a whole place to yourself and no bad roommates. You can do whatever you want and no one will judge you. However, there are certain expectations that you may have expected that didn’t turn out to be true.

Expectation: You’ll have parties every weekend
Reality: Most weekends involve binge watching

When you don’t have to worry about noise disturbing anyone else, you get excited about the idea of hosting weekly parties that will always go off with a bang. While this sounds like a fantastic idea when you start living by yourself, there will be most weekends that all you do is hibernate and binge watch the latest trash reality series. There is no shame in that, but it is better than being hungover the next day.

Expectation: Your place will be super organised
Reality: It looks like a natural disaster zone

You’ll see perfect apartments or houses on TV and you’ll try and recreate that in your own life. But you’ll soon realise it will fail… badly. Instead, your place will be a mixture of a Grand Designs house full of second hand furniture and a natural disaster zone where things are left everywhere. However, unlike living with other people, you can’t blame anyone else but yourself. Will you fix your habits? Maybe not.

Expectation: You’ll be an adult
Reality: You’ll still act like a child

While there will be times where you’ll feel more like an adult i.e. when you’re buying groceries, paying rent and bills, or sorting out the internet, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a child while living by yourself. You have all the time in the world to build forts, wear PJs that have Elmo on it and play your old Nintendo 64 games – all without being judged by roommates.

Expectation: You have a better sleep routine
Reality: You’re still late to uni

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a good sleep when you’re living by yourself because there are no parties or loud roommates to keep you up. But the chances are, living by yourself will still affect your sleeping. You are the only one who can set the time to go to bed or wake up in the morning. But do you jump out as soon as the alarm hits 7am or go right to bed at 10pm? Not even in the slightest.

Expectation: Someone else can kill that insect or bug
Reality: You’ll have to kill it

Most people don’t want to deal with those creepy crawlies that somehow come into your house. But without roommates to handle the situation you don’t want to deal with, you have to be the tribute and defeat them from afar. Even if it means ten minutes of screaming before, during and after the killing of the spider and months of trying to disinfect the place of the murder.

Expectation: Your friends will come over whenever you want
Reality: Still alone

While it’s cool that you can invite friends for casual drinks or a *fancy* dinner party, the chances are your friends will be busy and often you will be lonely on the days you’re free and no one else is. Another day will be filled with last night’s take away and a bottle of wine to drown your sorrows away.

Sinead Simpkins

Sinead studies Master of Arts at University of New England. When she is not studying she is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter.

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