Lessons from Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter in 2014

December 11, 2014
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Ah Rupert, mate. You’d hope that someone who has spent their life in the media would realise the importance of public appearance, particularly on social media. In the case of media mogul, Rupert Mudoch, apparently not.

Renowned for his unfiltered, hilariously misspelt, generally politically incorrect tweets, Murdoch made headlines last week for digging himself a massive hole after asserting that all Egyptians are ‘white’ in reference to the new film Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Other than the apparent pigmentation of Egyptians, however, we figured Murdoch’s tweets are a great source of entertainment, education and a fuckload of head shaking. Here’re some highlights from this year:


Starting from yesterday, it appears Murdoch is in support of torture, including rectal feedings, waterboardings, and being kept in a coffin-sized box.

But we’ll work through chronologically now – a snapshot of Murdoch’s thought patterns for a year. Starting with an apology that he’d been recently silent, we all knew it was going to be a good year for @rupertmurdoch. And within a month he had imparted us with some great wisdom (and grammar) – the US and China, both apparently plagued with Islamic terrorism, should team up against the evil trrrrr-ists.

By March, the dire state of New York City and its totalitarian, left-wing regime.

That was before it was revealed that Bill Clinton’s health had radically improved after he kicked veganism.

As a champion of privacy and freedom, much of Murdoch’s social activity aimed at attacking Google. Especially relevant in light of the US government spying on the general public and other world leaders, courtesy of Edward Snowden.

The Muslim population of the US is more ‘integrated’ than Europe.

Thankfully, Rupert is on it when it comes to women’s issues – particularly with the existence of the infamous ‘Page 3’ of The Sun, which features half naked girls in the nationally circulated, family tabloid. He’s also clued onto polling as a marketing technique to increase engagement – nice!

Having a good ol’ laugh at the drunken Scottish, this zinger was made during the whole Scottish Independence thing. Sure beats a boring old Irish joke.

No hashtags, no handles, no links. Fuck it, he controls like half the world’s media he can do what he wants. But Rupert, mate, you may want to consider keeping your dumb, grammatically incorrect rants to your private rooms and hire a PR rep to do your tweeting – it’ll save you some trouble. 

Sam Caldwell