Last minute spring cleaning for some extra dosh

November 30, 2016
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With Christmas right around the corner, money’s going to be tight. You’ve got to think about presents for family, friends and of course, your dog. Exams are finally over which means the summer festivals have come out and we all know how much money can be blown there. Oh, and not to mention the one…or three end of exam parties you must attend and drunkenly shout drinks at. So if No-Money-November’s shaping out to be true, then here are some last minute sells you can make for some extra dosh.


We all know textbooks can sell for a pretty penny – especially the mint condition ones you haven’t touched but bought because the first-year student inside you told you to. Dig around your shelves and you might find some old language books you kept out of the possibility you might pick up German again in your free time…


Have an amazing one-off dress or impulse-buy jeans you don’t like anymore? Then part with them through the marketplace on Facebook or create your own page on Instagram, eBay, etc.

Instruction Manuals

We all have these lying around somewhere and think they’re absolutely worthless. Well, think again because there is actually a market for them. Chuck instruction manuals into eBay and 61,596 results will come up. Don’t question it, just embrace it and then run off to your old toy box and dig ‘em out.


And cue My Strange Addiction except replace ‘addiction’ with ‘collection’. Some people out there live to collect things like mugs, Nokia phones and 20 cent coins. I’m not joking around with that last one – a pack of special edition 20 cent coins (the ones that have pictures on it that you briefly admire before spending) from 1966 – 2009 are selling for $363.60 on eBay… yep.

Weird wall art your always-travelling-aunt got you ten years ago

Let’s not lie; we all have at least one souvenir from a friend or family member from a distant country that you low-key hate. It might not be the most tasteful thing to do and you’d definitely be pulling a Rachel from Friends, but surely it’d be better off with someone who could appreciate it more than you.

Exercise equipment you’ve barely touched

Own one of those fat-blaster machines from late-night infomercials you use to hang your hats on? Well it’s time to get rid of it because it needs some proper exercise love and if you’re not going to give it any, then you may as well make some money from it.

All the vintage stuff!

I kid you not, there is an old Beauty and the Beast VHS tape selling for $7,500 USD on eBay. What, when, why, how – who cares that’s crazy money! If you’re not very sentimental and you happen to own the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, then those are going for between $1000 USD and $4000 USD.

If you don’t own these ‘90s relics, then consider selling old games, your VCR or vintage kitchen appliances because people will buy it, restore it and live off those retro vibes.

Steffanie Tan

Steffanie is studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University and is horrible at bios and that is all that needs to be said. 

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