How to not totally waste your last weekend before uni goes back

July 22, 2016
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Remember the end of semester one? You had all these glorious plans of how you were going to make the most of your mid-year break. You were going to travel, you were going to have a ripper post-exam party, you were going to explore your city with a keen eye and your gram game was going to be on point.

Fast forward a few weeks and now we’re at the end of the break, and I can almost guarantee you’ve done none of that. Furthermore, Splendour is very, very soon and we already know how bad you’re FOMO is going to be if it isn’t already off the Richter.

However, all hope is not lost. There are still a few, sacred days until you’ve got to back into the swing of things, so let’s not waste time.

Throw a last minute back to school party

This one’s a real doozy. Everyone has kept their signed high school jerseys with things like “dick-tation” written on it and I bet you thought that shirt had seen light for the last time. WELL YOU’RE WRONG.

If your living arrangements allow it, throw a cheeky gatho with all your mates to celebrate all that’s great about school. And if you can’t think of anything, just dress up like super cool nerds and get trashed on RTDs just like the good ol’ days.

For bonus points, invite your high school principal. After all, we’re all adults now.

Devote your weekend to playing Pokémon Go because you’re a slave to trends

In case your life/Facebook feed hasn’t been spammed with Pokémon Go enough over this past week, or you’ve somehow dodged the craze because you’re some sort of wizard, why not devote your last weekend to becoming the Pokémon master that Ash never could?

All the memes and tireless op-eds aside, the game’s actually pretty sick. What’s not to like about wandering about catching little critters in an augmented reality. It’s every five year old’s dream - complete with your life being spammed with fucking Zubats. Fuck Zubat.

Plan your summer getaway

So it’s pretty obvious you didn’t get a chance to go to Europe. Or America. Or anywhere for that matter. Luckily, these places aren’t going anywhere so you have plenty of time to travel there in the warmer months. Although it’ll be colder over there, who doesn’t want to spend a white Christmas in New York?

The brilliant thing is that you have ages to get your shit together, so relax and take it easy – but you can start working on the basis of an itinerary. Best of all, because you’ve done jackshit all winter break it can be assumed that you haven’t spent much money which means you’re halfway to where you need to be financially. Just keep that attitude going and you’ll be flying to Paris in no time.

Get organised for uni

Just hear us out, you guys. Look, as much as you probably don’t want to spend time gearing up for uni considering you’ve done not a lot for the past six weeks, doing it now instead of half way through the semester is a bloody top way to get ahead. It’s time for you to show this semester who’s boss.

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.

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