How to get your life on track when you’re feeling directionless

March 01, 2017
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It’s an affliction that affects most twenty-somethings  – it’s the ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’ feels. If you’re feeling lost and you’re not sure where your life is heading, you’re not alone. And by no means do you need to have it all figured out just yet. But the following advice might help you find some clarity on what you should be doing if you want to head in the right direction.

Have confidence in your abilities

It might sounds like a cliché, but hear me out. If you’ve always loved something and dreamed of pursuing it as a future career, you’re a lot further along than the rest of us. But don’t let the voice in the back of your head tell you you’re not good enough or that you can’t do it. Find out what you love about if and focus on your strengths – chances are, there will be an avenue to pursue it in one way or the other.

Try a bit of everything

If you have literally no idea of what you want to do, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Now is your chance to try everything and anything – give it all a go and see what comes out of it. You’ll probably get a confirmation of what you really don’t want to do, but hopefully that will help you narrow it down to what you would like to do. Think about what makes you happy – you might not realise that some random hobby could actually be your future dream job.

Don’t overthink it

That’s probably the worst thing you can do when you’re feeling directionless. If you’re thinking of making a big change to your life or tossing up a big decision, overanalysing might cause you to reconsider for no good reason. You might start to worry that it isn’t what other people would do, or what your parents want you to do. Big life changes are scary, but if it feels right, just do it and don’t look back.

Don’t focus on the negatives

It’s normal to encounter speedbumps when you’re trying to find some direction in your life, but you can’t let them bring you down. Maybe you’ve figured out what you want to do but you can’t get the experience or the foot in the door you need. Find out how you can improve and what you can do differently, rather than giving up completely.

Figure out what’s holding you back

Is it your parents wishing you would pursue a different direction? Or maybe you’re surrounded by friends who don’t have the same drive or ambition as you. Maybe the only person getting in the way is you. If the above points are relatable, it might be you who is holding yourself back from success. If you think logically about it, you’ll realise any of the above points aren't good enough reasons to hold you back. In fact, nothing should hold you back from going after what you really want.