How to get uni ball ready when you're poor AF

September 05, 2016
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They provide an opportunity to erase all the regrets of your senior formal night, and they allow you to tipsily mingle amongst like-minded peers. The uni ball season is almost upon us, and you’d be crazy not to partake in the night of all nights (minus the corsage).

One catch: the cost of attending can add up very quickly because of the ticket, the outfit, makeup, accessories, tans, shoes, pres and transport! On top of this, is the added worry of dressing to a theme! How. Does. One. Ball. On. A. Budget?

If you’re a socialite and still want to look the part without the Gucci price tags (don’t we all), here are some ways to ensure that you’ll be the hottest one at the ball.

Buy first-round tickets to save $$$

Try and get first-round tickets. If you gather the #squad together, each member with an electronic device in tow, you’re more than likely to be able to snag tickets. Even if each friend aims to buy two tickets each, it’s worth a shot.

Pre-organise pres

This is an essential start to any great ball experience. Instead of suggesting a cool venue close by the actual event, why not nominate someone in the group to host pres. Go gather your alcohol from the local bottle shop the night before and spend no more than $15. It sure beats spending $10 on a single drink at some fancy, hip bar.

Stinge on the transport

There’s always the dilemma of how to arrive at the venue. Yeah there are cabs, yeah there are ubers, but they all involve diving into your pockets.

Remember that friend who owes you a lift from the time you picked them up? They’re now your personal chauffeur to this year’s ball! Or even if you have older siblings who’re kind and mature, shoot them a text and see if they’re willing to perform a random act of kindness for you and your pals.

Borrow or hire your outfit

For both the ladies and gents, why not borrow or hire? If uni tries to teach us one thing, it’s the skill of networking. So, use your resources and do some investigating.

Instagram’s bursting with local hiring places and I’m sure you have a friend who could scratch up their old formal dress; with some AKA a lot of tweaking, it might just be acceptable.

YouTube makeup tutes are actually really great

I was never really into makeup tutorials. However, lately I’ve begun to watch them. I’ve genuinely learnt tricks that’ve helped my makeup skills go from subpar to just about acceptable. It’s worthwhile spending a bit of time watching various videos and trying the techniques for yourself. It may surprise you!

Otherwise, source out those amazingly talented friends who were born with bronzing skills. Chuck them $20 or even buy them a small gift to show your gratitude. Or if they owe you a favour for that time…. Then even better!

With all of these money saving alternatives, there would be no excuse for not showing up to your next ball. Go and strut your stuff (on a budget of course)!

Ailish Parr

Ailish is never happy just sitting still and has a secret love for #qanda. She is studying a double degree at the University of Queensland but always makes time for coffee and socialising.

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