How to get through a hellish assignment week

May 03, 2017
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There’s one or two every semester – the week where suddenly everything is due and you’re left in a pile of books and word documents. It’s often the make or break of every semester, so getting through it with minimal damage is essential.

Double check your due dates

The absolute key to getting through a hell week is making sure you know everything that’s going on. Check and check again until you’re certain of when everything is due, at what times. You don’t want to be submitting assignments at the wrong times, or to the wrong units! As well as due dates, be aware of all your other commitments that week like work or extra-curriculars and make sure you’ve got enough time to deal with the wave of assignments coming up.

Plan ahead

Every semester, we all aim to be that person that submits assignments early, but it never quite works out. Well, maybe this year will be your year! Assignment information is usually released weeks in advance, well before anyone bothers to stress about it. Take advantage of that, even if it means reading it over a few weeks before and having some vague idea about it before it bowls you over when it’s due.

The tiniest bit of foresight can pay off, so it can’t hurt to go into a hellish week with a game plan, or even with parts already done. Your future self will thank you, instead of hating you.

Save, save, save

That brilliant essay will get no marks if your computer decides to crap itself. As incredible as technology is, you never know when it’ll throw you a curveball and throw your work into the void. So while you’re in the zone, remember to save often, and preferably save onto a USB in case your computer really fucks up. Uni markers aren’t sympathetic to crappy technology, so be prepared for the worst in case you get unlucky.

Treat yourself

These weeks can be brutal, so make sure you treat yourself right to get the most out of it. Don’t skip meals or lose sleep over assignments – it’ll only be to your detriment the next day when you’re hungry and sleep deprived and still need to get shit done.

Plus, when it’s all done and everything is submitted, treat yourself to a night out or an indulgent purchase to make all the stressing worth it. You’ve earned it.

Calculate your grades

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always useful to know how many marks you need to achieve to pass your assignments and units. Not only that, make sure you take into account what you want or need to get for specific units i.e. if you want to do post-grad. Having a clear map of the marks you need will help keep you focused and on top of the things you’ve really gotta ace and the things you can afford to lose a couple marks on.

Worst case scenario, if the week is a bit too much to handle, make sure you know the lowest possible mark you can get to pass. In the end, Ps get degrees, and a P will do if you’re stretched too thin and uni has gotten the better of you. You can always make it up in the exam.

The dreaded hellish assignment week is an inevitability, but it will be as productive or as stressful as you make it. With the right amount of foresight and focus, you can come out the other side with HDs all around (well, a girl can dream).

Kim Koelmeyer

Kim is and Arts (Journalism)/Law student at Deakin, who has transplanted her life to Shanghai, China for the year. She deals primarily in memes, teas and blogging.

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