Hijack The Streets: Would you camp out for the iPhone 6?

September 18, 2014
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When you see a bunch of people lining up on George St in Sydney CBD, either the Ivy just shut and everyone’s rushing to McDonalds… or it’s time for another iPhone launch.

As usual, the iPhone 6 has gotten Sydney’s geek juices flowing at maximum capacity. This time, we’ll be the first location in the world to sell the new iPhone, meaning that budding tech-heads will be grabbing the first iPhone 6’s ever sold. Of course, the big question is: “would you camp outside for a week for that?” This week, Hijacked talked to the people who answered with a resounding “yes.”

No. 1, Salvatore, PR Stunt

HJCKD: How long have you been waiting?

I’ve been in line since last Tuesday. I just want to clear something up here – ‘cause everyone’s been saying to me, ‘bro you’re crazy!’ This is just a PR stunt, the company we work for is called Alphabetise. Me and my colleague have come up with this PR stunt, where we’ll give away the first two iPhones tomorrow morning…. We are normal! We’re not crazy! I have a girlfriend, I’m a normal person, you know what I mean?

HJCKD: Will you buy one for yourself?

Later on I will. I hope it’s a Plus.

HJCKD: Have you heard any interesting heckles?

People do say pretty insulting things. Yeah, they say to some of the people in line, “Get a life” or “it’s just an iPhone”, and to people like that I say: leave these poor people alone. They are fans, they’re not hurting you, so why should you bicker and be so rude against them? …These people here are all nice, they mind our spots when we go to the bathroom, and you know – if this is what they like to do, then let them do it.

No. 3 and 4, Jun Sik Kim and Younz Huon Kwon, iPhone bloggers

HJCKD: How long have you been waiting?

Four days.

HJCKD: Why line up instead of just waiting?

We want the iPhone 6 before other people because we’re blogging about it. We run the biggest iPhone website in Korea, the number one community of iPhones there. We’re going to review it and we’re number three and four in the world to get one.

HJCKD: What do you about sleeping?

We sleep here on chairs with blankets, we take turns getting McDonalds.

No. 21-23, Daniel, Jordan and Marcus, budding businessmen

HJCKD: How long have you been waiting?

Since about 5am. We came past last night because Marcus here was going to stay over then, but there wasn’t anyone here… so we decided to stay at home. So we’re about 20th in the line, out of – I reckon there’s about 200 people here in the line.

HJCKD: Have you seen anyone in line give up and leave?

There’s been a few people. There’s a couple of people who have chairs over there, they just leave a sign that says “back in 10 minutes” and don’t come back for about 4-5 hours. Yeah, so they’re cheating.

HJCKD: Are you big Apple fans?

A little bit. Seeing the demand for the Plus, it’s my intent to sell one of them. The pre-orders don't come out until October or something, so I think a lot of people will be willing so pay a little extra for that. So we’ll try and make some extra money and then split it between us and see what we get. Extra money for the piggy banks.

HJCKD: So are you planning to go do a business degree at uni then?

Yeah maybe.

No. 27, Brad, Apple enthusiast

HJCKD: How long have you been waiting?

Since about 8am, so that’s 6 hours or so. I’m not even sure.

HJCKD: Are you here by yourself?

I did come by myself, just decided to be the lone soldier, you know?

HJCKD: What do you do to pass the time?

I’m watching movies, and… having a couple of drinks, I’m not going to lie. Just been chilling, talking to everyone, trying to make a good atmosphere for everyone.

HJCKD: Are you a big Apple fan?

I am a big Apple fan. I actually run a website called MyDaily i, so I love iPhone stuff, I love all Apple and I’m a developer as well. I’m trying to launch three apps right now, and they’re all like, what do you do when you get drunk, get lost… that sort of thing. I hate getting lost.

No. 28, Mike, loving brother

HJCKD: How long have you been waiting?

Since about 10am – so 6 hours and 15 minutes.

HJCKD: Why line up instead of just waiting?

My sister who lives in China wants to buy an iPhone 6, but iPhone 6 is not for sale in China. I can’t post a phone from Australia to China, so I can only ask somebody to bring it back for me. But if I order it online it would be 3 or 4 weeks, so I’m taking it to her myself.

HJCKD: What do you do about sleeping?

There are some people here selling sleeping bags and stuff, but I’m just going to sit on my chair and go to sleep.

No. 29, Claudius, backpacker

HJCKD: How long have you been waiting?

I was waiting since 10am this morning, so yeah, in total it will be 22 hours.

HJCKD: What do you do about sleeping?

I actually came here totally unprepared! I came without a blanket, I just came with my coat, my sweatshirt, and that’s about it. A friend of mine came and brought me a chair, a blanket and a sleeping bag.

HJCKD: What do you do to pass the time?

Uh, I get drunk. Yeah man. We drank a bottle of Bacardi already. My friend right now, he’s off buying us another bottle of white rum. He has weed as well, so we’re just sort of smoking, drinking. It’s kind of fun, actually, camping… It’s super entertaining – it’s like a festival, you know? 

Rupert Parry

Rupert Parry is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Science at The University of Sydney. Rupert is editor and co-founder of the Larrkin Post and works part-time as a videographer and designer. He plays guitar in The Tropics and can eat large spoonfuls of wasabi without flinching.

Images: Rupert Parry, The University of Sydney