Hijack The Streets: What's your best campus fashion tip?

October 13, 2015
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That Activewear vid we all know and love (and can secretly relate to) has just gone one better, adding Ellie Goulding to the Lycra-clad lineup. While a lot of us probs do wear our activewear to uni, we thought we’d broaden our sartorial horizons and seek some advice for on-campus fashion.

And ICYMI, here’s Activewear 2.0 for your viewing pleasure:

Emma Sutton, 21, Bachelor of Communication

Nikes for the trek from one side of campus to the other. In fact, wearing gym clothes also does well for telling people how fit you are, despite the fact that you just downed a schnitty and two schooners 30 minutes prior.

Madeline Link, 21, Bachelor of Communication (Honours)

I, personally, am without tips. but I have made some interesting observations over the four years I’ve been on campus. Without making sweeping generalisations about the attributes pertaining to students from certain degrees, warning: this may contain sweeping generalisations about the attributes pertaining to students from certain degrees.

Research has found arts students wear "I <3 Bukowski" shirts and accessorise with Doc Martins and an unwashed mane.

Communication students can be found modelling "my-uncle-dressed-me" mandals paired with a MacBook Pro in a white marble case talking about their most recent published work - often a personal w4m on Craigslist.

Medicine students can be found with their nose in the air, often carrying a range of large textbooks that transition perfectly from "I'm-smarter-than-you" daytime chic, to "get-out-of-my-way-I'm-important" night-time glam.

David Moore, 26, Bachelor of Communication

Headphones for pretending to listen to music while you creep on people's conversations. Uni campuses are terrifyingly honest places, and the exchanges you overhear lead you to wonder things like “Are these really the future leaders of our planet?” or “Wait, that dude put what where?!”

Nathan Farebrother, 21, Bachelor of Arts – Media

A pair of basketball shoes, specifically those hi-top Jordans or something similar for superior ankle support when manoeuvring around campus. I dunno about you, but at Macquarie, the ratio of these per 100 metres is astounding.

Pamela Pirovic, 20, Sydney College of the Arts

A pair of those tailor-made Homer Simpson sunglasses that make it look like you’re awake, alert and paying attention, when really you’re trying to snooze off last night’s hangover.

Sasha Karen, 21, Bachelor of Communication

As I have the opportunity to attend a university built on swampland, I have found myself getting creative. After decades of exposure to Aerogard, mosquitos have built up an immunity, or possibly have gone under some form of mutation. Conventional means just don’t work.

That’s why, when I’m on campus, I’m never seen without my trusty flamethrower, to make sure those insects never bother me.

Lauren Moulton, 21, Bachelor of Visual Communication

The hottest perfume brand coming into summer is Aerogard.

Logan Longfield, 22, Bachelor of Arts – Teaching

Chunky Globes are essential (the ones that all dudes wore to primary school circa 2005).

Georgina Ragen, 21, Bachelor of Communication

Never walk onto campus without a fanny pack to hold your Discman. Your retro points will be off the charts - even if you do have to sacrifice comfort for style with your fanny pack.

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.

Image: Activewear featuring Ellie Goulding YouTube video