Hijack The Streets: What’s the biggest mistake someone can make on a first date?

May 09, 2016
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There are average dates, then there are those completely cringeworthy first dates that make you question your life choices. Here are some of the big mistakes and awkward moments that students have experienced on first dates (that ensured there was no second date).

Margeaux Tindale, 21, University of Newcastle

Calling me ‘Mum’.”

Olivia D’accione, 22, Avondale College of Higher Education

Always, ALWAYS drive yourself there. Otherwise they may or may not drive and stop in a really dark and isolated spot and ask if you can ‘hop in the back’. No thank you.”

Brittany Deller, 22, University of Newcastle

“Ordering decaf.”

Teddy Scott, 21, University of Newcastle

“This one time a guy kept telling me about all the girls he slept with and thought he was a good bloke by calling them a taxi the next morning so they didn’t wake his mumma up.

He also went through his phone and showed me all of his selfies. Not a small amount, I’m talking 300 of them. The moral of the story is don’t talk about all the people you’ve banged and don’t show me your bloody stupid gym selfies.

Side note: he left me in the middle of this gross, dingy shopping centre car park at 11pm because he couldn’t be bothered walking me to my car. He was all class. Worst date of my life.”

Emma Sutton, 22, University of Newcastle

“Having a number plate that reads ‘H3KT1K’.”

Sarah Roskell, 26, University of Newcastle

“One time I went on a date and he took me to Hog’s Breath Café so I already knew this guy was about class. After we ordered he decided he wasn’t hungry so got his burger put into a takeaway bag and proceeded to sit there and watch me eat my meal.

The final blow was when he asked me if I liked country music.”

Emma Gillespie, 21, University of New South Wales

“OK, so I had a very special Tinder date once and by special I mean terrible. He was actually really sweet; apart from the fact that he mentioned his ex EVERY TWO MINUTES (possibly more frequently). He was clearly heartbroken but good lord, haven’t we grown enough as a society in the 21st century to be able to teach our children never to talk about their exes on a first date?! I will bite my tongue on a slip up, but I felt more like a therapist than someone of interest for this person and left the date knowing more about his dating history than anything else.

Oh, he also managed to slip in that he had some kind of European luxe expensive convertible motor vehicle that he wanted to ‘take me for a spin in’ some day. I care less about your material possessions and more about you at least pretending to be interested in me.”

Melissa Wilson, 23, University of Newcastle

“Don’t go on a first date when you’re recovering from chickenpox and still have your face covered in scabs. No matter how nice, attractive and insistent he seems, it ain’t worth it.”

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.