Here’s why it’s OK to (secretly) hate your first job and quit

February 03, 2017
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Most grads expect their first serious job to be the stuff dreams are made of. But here’s the thing – it’ll probably take a few different experiences to work out what you really want out of a full-time job. So if you don’t like what you’re doing it’s OK to admit it, just make sure you use your experience wisely. Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to let go if things aren’t going your way.

It’s killing your career path before you’ve even got started

You spend most of your adult life working, so you need to make sure you get off to a decent start. Hanging around in a job you hate is bad news for your mental well-being. If you’re experiencing boredom, negative energy, or don’t feel fulfilled by what you do, your enthusiasm and motivation to move on will soon start to fade away. You’ll find yourself stuck in a rut, but you can dig yourself out

Avoid taking on bad habits and behaviours

When you’re stuck in a rut and feel negative about just about anything to do with your working life, a series of bad habits and behaviours could start to set in and become hard to shake off. You could end up being a person who gets stuck in their ways and seeks comfort in routine and process just to get the day over with. If you’re not careful, you might completely forget what’s it’s like to think outside the box.

You’re wasting time on the career ladder

Yes there’s a balancing act to play here. Unfortunately it’s not a good look for the CV to have lots of short periods of employment, but there’s probably a better argument against the potential time wasted in a career that you don’t actually want to pursue. Yes, some people will probably advise you to “keep your head down and just do your time”, but we’re free human beings. So move on and get on with something you do like because you’ll end up further ahead in the long run. 

You’ve stopped learning

Your own personal development will be key to career progression. Chances are, if you’ve stopped enjoying your job, you’ve probably also stopped learning new skills along with it. Not to mention any training and development opportunities you might be offered alongside your role that now seem totally pointless. When you’re just starting out, it’s super important to be in a position that challenges you and has you constantly on your toes, learning new things.

It’s affecting your health

If you’re walking away from work every day feeling flat and uninspired, you’re probably rarely in the mood to get active and social. Going home to Netflix, takeaway and a large glass of wine to forget the day really isn’t the best remedy. Well – not every day anyway. If you’re motivated and inspired at work, you’ll take that attitude home with you too.

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