Grads reveal the one piece of advice they would give their first-year self

February 22, 2017
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Everyone has a different experience of uni, but for most grads, the thing they probs have in common is wishing they did things differently in their first year.

If you’re approaching your first year of uni, just know that you can make your student life whatever you want it to be – embracing student societies and uni parties might be your number one priority or maybe getting good marks might be more important to you.

Whatever your goals are for your first year, keep in mind this sage advice from these uni graduates.

You don’t have to stick it out in a degree you hate

"I wish I could tell myself 'Don’t do a business degree. You will hate it.' If you know you hate your degree as early as semester one, the earlier you change degrees the better."

- Daniel Lewis (25)

Appreciate the long uni holidays while you can

"I would enjoy my holidays more and stress less about casual jobs. Just focus on enjoying the breaks I’ll never get again and travel as much as possible while I'm still free."

- Cyndie McInerney (24)

Take the intro subjects seriously

"Your first year subjects are the easiest subjects that you will get to do and they are worth just as much as the hard ones you have to do at the end of your degree. Don't bludge now because they are easy marks."

- Dean Winder (27)

Be social

"Make the effort to make friends in your first year, it becomes harder later on. Make the most of societies, because you might find your lifelong uni friends there like I did."

- Priya Jayaraman (23)

Don’t stress too much about marks

"If you know you want to go into a creative industry, don’t stress too much about marks. When I graduated and applied for full-time jobs, no one ever asked to see my transcript. It was having a creative portfolio that was more important. But if you are going into law or accounting or something serious like that, they might check."

- Alice McKenzie (24)