Four things you'll continue to do after graduation

July 27, 2015
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To all the final year students out there, you may be starting to panic a little. You might find yourself waking up in a sweaty mess, because all of a sudden you’ve forgotten everything you’ve learnt over the last three years. That’s because graduation is just around the corner, and the real world is waiting to swallow us whole and spit us back out again.

In other words, it seems like it’s time for us to start taking on responsibilities and leave our fun and foolish days behind us. It’s time to buy yourself a pair of sensible shoes and organise a rental property, because now that we’re on the home stretch, we really don’t have any excuses that are good enough to justify not having our shit together.

But never fear: just because we’re leaving our student days behind us, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. You may look like a real adult and you may talk like a real adult, but deep down you’re still a twenty-something human - and old habits die hard.

You’ll still have kebabs at 2am

There’s something spiritual about the early morning kebab. You were drunk enough to end up at the kebab shop in the first place, but you’re sober enough to know that you have to be sneaky when you eat it in the taxi ride home. That’s because you remember the cabbie from last time, and he got really pissed off when your friend dropped tabouli on the seat.

There will be plenty of opportunities to frequent the kebab shop when you enter the real world. Office parties can get pretty wild, and drunken munchies don’t stop with age.

You’ll still have awesome sex

You may think that uni is the only time for having fun sexual encounters, but this just isn’t true. In your 20s, the people you’ll be sleeping with have already been doing this for years, meaning they’ve probably got a little more to offer than a two-pump show. And you may find that a one night stand can extend into a nice breakfast date, rather than a bolter who has to hurry themselves back into last night’s clothes and rush off to their 11am tute.

You’ll still get help from your parents

We’re not sure if there’s a cutoff date for parental guidance, but one thing we know is that when you’re in your 20s, your parents pretty much have to revert back to treating you like a toddler. You’re practically learning to walk again and experiencing things for the first time, and it would be completely irresponsible for them to leave you at this point. Otherwise you’d probably try and invest your entire savings into a product that doubles as both a GPS and a hairdryer, or something equally as ridiculous.

Next time you see your parents, give them a big hug, because while you think you’re doing it all on your own, your parents are secretly there beside you - every step of the way.

And you’ll still make bad choices

While we won’t admit it, we kind of enjoy screwing up. It means two things: we’re not yet at a stage where we have to get it right all the time, and we have something to complain to friends about over coffee. While it still feels a bit shitty, knowing we’ve made a bad choice is liberating - it means we’re still young and figuring the world out. We take comfort in the fact that we fumble over new experiences, because new is exciting. 

Kate Neilson

Kate Neilson is a third year journalism student at CSU in Bathurst. She likes to unwind with a nice cup of tea and enjoys making lists. She's still figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up.

Image: Ray WeitzenbergFlickr Creative Commons license