Four things nobody tells you about your first O-Week

February 27, 2017
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Ah O-Week, that wonderful time of year when freshers all over Australia prepare to embrace #studentlyf. You’ll get lost more than once but your first O-Week will remain one of the most fundamental experiences to your uni experience. There are probs a few things about this most important of uni rituals you won’t know about. Luckily, we’re here to hook you up with the inside scoop of the four things nobody tells you about your first O-Week.

You’ll make friends you’ll never see again

Your first O-Week is all about connecting you to other first-year students in your degree and making you feel welcome on campus. Faculty welcome parties, boot-camps and even standing in line for some deliciously cheap hot chips are all a great way to befriend your very first uni gang.

You can see it now – you’ll be BFFs, go through your entire degrees together, and develop inside jokes that you’ll laugh about when you’re old, married and rich while you’re children roll their eyes at you. It’ll be magical. Unless of course you end up getting separated by the cruel whims of the timetable gods and you never see those people again – which most definitely will happen. Just think of them like a summer romance, it was special while it lasted.

All the free stuff you score won’t ever get used (unless you’re desperate)

Market day is arguably the most important event on the academic calendar, wherein brands galore will hand out free exotically-flavoured instant noodles and ASOS discount vouchers in the hopes that one day you’ll actually pay for their shit. Hah, keep dreaming guys; everyone knows students never stop being cheapskates.

You’ll grab as much of those glorious freebies as you can fit in your bag, because dat #studentlyf, but don’t be surprised to find them peeking out from the back of your cupboard at the end of the year. Unless you find yourself facing the dreaded all-nighter, in which case those kangaroo-taco flavoured noodles will never taste better.

The Marxist society they will try to recruit you

There is a legend amongst student-kind that you don’t really become one of us unless the Marxist presence on campus try to recruit you to one of their various causes. It is inevitably a part of uni life and it’s most likely going to happen during O-Week when they’re out for fresh blood.

Avoid any stalls with the words Marxist or Socialist in their title and if a stranger with a man-bun starts to talk to you about your political stances, it’s time to run the heck away. Unless of course you study political science, in which case that stranger might be your professor. Now that I think about it, running is still an appropriate option.

Your first O-Week is your only O-Week

Oh, did we mention you only have to attend one O-Week? While market day is a space for all year levels to join clubs and catch up with mates before the craziness of the semester starts, O-Week itself is all about being a first year. Take advantage of all the networking opportunities presented to you and don’t forget to have fun. After all, you’re only a first year once, make the most of it.

Shannon Coward

Shannon Coward is a third year Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Queensland. She enjoys period dramas, doughnuts and a good nap.

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