Four reasons why you shouldn't be ashamed of your part-time job

August 02, 2016
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“So where do you work?” There it is. The question you’ve been avoiding all evening. What do you say? I mean you can’t say your REAL job, it’s just part-time work at Macca’s and that’s waaaaay too embarrassing. But why?

Why are we so ashamed of our part-time jobs? Why do we fear snide remarks from people on our means to make money? It’s time to break down the stigma surrounding part-time and casual work. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t be ashamed of your part-time job.

Money is money

People ask what you do for living for two reasons: 1) make conversation or 2) judge them based on what they do. If they make a face when you tell them what you do then they’re probably not people you want to associate with anyway.

No, it’s not my dream job or even really in the field I want to be in, but not everyone is lucky enough to be able to “pay their dues” in the right industry as soon as they start working.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about, you’re employed and can pay your bills and that’s better than nothing at all. Everything else is a luxury that you can work towards in time.

Confidence city

You’re a badass when it comes to small talk and that’s because you do it day-in-day-out for a living. Skip the awkwardness on first dates because you’ve got this in the bag.

People today lack the ability to talk to one another, but not you. You could create conversation in a toilet cubicle that’s how good you are. As someone working in retail, I’m a much more confident person now.

Next level patience

In a similar vein, you know how to deal with people. What other job will make you deal with rude and obnoxious people who wait to throw drinks and racial slurs if their food isn’t quite quick enough?

I guarantee there’s no one more patient than those working in customer service positions. These traits are not only favourable in the working world, but are transferable to your daily life. Being able to smile and get on with your day after situations like that will make you a happier person overall.


There ARE perks to “underemployment”. As frustrating as it is to work weekends and evenings, doing errands and other activities during the day is super relaxing. The supermarket, the gym, the post office – they’re all nearly empty so forget the lines and chance of running into someone you don’t really want to see.

You have time and energy to get uni assignments done (that’s if you aren’t spending your free time doing yoga on the beach or something). And an evening shift almost guarantees you a killer sleep in and that’s a perk in itself.

Oh and don’t forget the more than generous employee discount most businesses give. Fifty per cent off storewide? Yes please!

So while your part-time job isn’t as glamorous or desirable as you’d like it to be, there’s no reason to be ashamed of it. You don’t have to be stuck in it forever.

Bridget Kerry

Bridget is a peach and avocado enthusiast and studies Journalism and International Relations at the University of South Australia.

Image: Grey World, Flickr Creative Commons license