Four foolproof ways to motivate yourself for early morning tutes

July 27, 2016
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As semester two rolls around, there's a fair few of you who've been lucky enough to land early morning classes. And yes, waking up at ungodly hours of the morning greeted by biting winds is a unique form of punishment.

But for those with early tutes or unrecorded lectures, it’s going to have to be a necessary evil for the next 12 weeks. So here are some ways you can avoid hitting snooze and get to that early class. You’re welcome.

Stock up on thermoses and a cool winter wardrobe

Winter is always a love-hate time of year. On one hand, the weather is ridiculously cold and unpleasant. But on the other hand, you get to break out your snuggest jumpers, most fashionable coats and drink as many hot caffeinated drinks as your little heart desires. Put that tax return to good use and invest in some winter clothes and thermoses. At least that way, you’ll be able to brave the cruel winter mornings in style.

Pretend you’ve got your shit together

If there’s one thing millennials like, it’s pretending we’re put-together humans, AKA adults. Sound like you, or still in denial? Getting up early, braving the cold and being ready to learn at a time when the rest of us would be asleep, is a great boost for your self-esteem.

When everyone else is in their trackies and sleepy at midday, you’ll appear like you’ve got your shit together while rocking newly purchased winter fashion with one class already under your belt.

Look at you, you adult you.

Think about getting the best parks

If there’s one major thing we complain about it’s that there just isn’t enough space to go around. Finding parking on campus can add half an hour to a trip, people study on the floor because there aren’t enough desks, and lines for coffee right before a class always end up being out the door.

But if you get up early and beat the crowd, the world – or in this case your campus –

is your oyster. You can snag the best parking spots and comfiest seats in the library.

Think of the extra time

Not to be the guy who gets all existential on you, but life is short. Spending it sleeping in just cuts out precious hours that could be spent chillin’, studying, or doing whatever you want.

It’s all about maximising the time in your days. If you’re someone who struggles with time management, waking up early may be the perfect solution for you. By getting up and going to class in the morning, you can get everything you’d normally get done in a day, and then still have time for a Netflix binge afterwards. It’s a small sacrifice for a wealth of benefits.

Early morning classes can be one of the downsides to uni life, especially during winter months. But apart from the fact that going to class will always be of more benefit than not, there’re lots of reasons to get out of bed and into that classroom.

Go get ’em, and here’s to another successful semester!

Kim Koelmeyer

Kim is an Arts (Journalism)/Law Student at Deakin University and deals primarily in memes.

Image: Zoghal, Flickr Creative Commons license