Four apps that will help you survive share house living

February 28, 2017
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Renting before smartphones was much like prehistoric times, where people lived in dimly lit caves, communicated via smoke signals and used rocks for currency. Thankfully, we have evolved ever so slightly to minimise face to face communication and the completion of household chores. Instead we use a combination of messaging and apps (not short for appliances) to make the pain of living in a share house that little bit more tolerable.  Here are four apps that have defined a generation of renters and given hope where hope seemed to be lost.


Splitwise is the sort of app of our wildest dreams that leaves us bewildered as to how we could have survived without it for so long. In the same ground-breaking vein as the wheel and running water, Splitwise keeps track of who owes who for in-house purchases and expenses.

If you’ve fronted up and paid the water bill for the month, just put it on Splitwise and it will automatically divide the cost amongst you and your housemates. Once the payment has been made, you can update it on the app and you are now all settled. Genius!


Fairshare builds on the Splitwise model and adds chores to the list of things you can divvy up amongst your housemates. No more crusty three-day old dinner plates in the sink left to rot the metal basin and build a playground for cockroaches.

Fairshare forms a roster for all the household chores that need to be done each week. Once the roster has been set, reminders can be sent to each housemate just as a further incentive to complete the task. You can even create a shared shopping list for all those shared foods that you all eat but always forget to buy on your own trip to the supermarket.


The eight sharehouse commandment states that the pain of $30 spent on a cleaner is far better than the pain of your Sundays spent bleaching the bathroom floor in an intensely hungover state. Cleaners are a no brainer; take away two drinks on a weekend to pay for one and you’ve avoided inevitable friction in the form of arguments, making the house just a bit more bearable to live in.

Apps like Airtasker let you post a job that needs to be done (i.e. cleaning the house), allow you to select from a list of people who are willing and able to complete the job, and presto the job gets done, with the only effort coming from having to fiddle with your smartphone. Tough gig.


These food delivery apps are so deliciously simple it’s a wonder you didn’t come up with one yourself and earn you enough coin that you’d never have to have housemates ever again. You missed the boat this time, but it’s not too late to start using these apps with your housemates to ease the chore of cooking and give you and excuse to kick back. They’re also a perfect vehicle for curing that midday Sunday pain where you’re too hung to fall asleep but too tired to do anything productive. Cue food delivered to your flat in less than 30 minutes.

Download these immediately when you move into your house and I guarantee a reduced need for in-house fighting and bickering. This will leave more time for all that friendly housemate bonding time that’ll leave you with lifelong memories.

Rory Marples

Rory is studying a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Notre Dame.

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