Five weird habits only uni students can get away with

May 15, 2017
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Let’s face it, uni students can get away with a lot of shit that would be totally unacceptable in the "real" world. But instead of being shamed about it, we congratulate each other on the creative ways we make the most of that broke and lazy student life. You’ve only got a few years of that student status, so make the most of these weird habits while you still can.

Getting creative with food combos

Every student knows the feeling of having an empty cupboard before payday. The struggle is particularly real when the last shop consisted of only junk food and cheap staples like rice and noodles. It might lead you to getting pretty desperate, like grating carrot into your microwave mac ‘n’ cheese, or worse, cooking rice and making a weird sauce out of mayo and tomato sauce. While some combos are a winner, like chips on bread (carbs on carbs on carbs), other desperate measures are not so great, like orange juice on cereal when you’ve run out of milk.

Wearing PJs or fitness gear to class

You can’t get away with that shit when you’re a proper adult with a full-time job. But after years of following a strict uniform policy in high school, it’s only fair if uni students want to be a bit more lax with uni fashion. Though “fashion” is a loose term, particularly when that fashion is waking up and going to class in whatever you wore to bed. Patterned PJ pants and Ugg boots can totally be disguised as day-wear. So can activewear, even when you have no intention of going to the gym.

Inventing new ways to sneak alcohol into festivals and clubs

If you were a suave, proper adult, you might have yourself a fancy-ass flask. But if you’re a student, you’ll definitely have devised so many other ways to sneak alcohol into clubs annd festivals so you can get drunk when you’re broke AF. If you're a girl, that has probs meant ripping into the lining of your bag at one point to hide alcohol, which happens to also be in those squeezy baby-food containers. Sneaking alcohol into camping festivals is a whole operation in itself, often involving Pringles cans, decoy bottles and not limited to pulling the entire car apart.

Using makeshift utensils, cups and dinnerware

Ever tried to use a Frisbee as a plate? Or a saucepan as a bowl? Have you ever tried to re-use old jam jars as glasses under the guise of being a "hipster"? You’re not a student until you’ve run out of utensils because you’re too busy (/lazy) to wash up. While washing and drying the dishes would seem like the obvious solution, you’d much prefer to get creative. Using a broken off coat hanger when you’ve run out of spoons? Well that’s just a genius move.

Pulling a Red Bull induced all-nighter, only to procrastinate the entire time

Only students can get away with drinking an entire four-pack of energy drinks. Even then we can’t really get away with it, that shit is definitely not good for our health and sleeping patterns. But you bet we’ll rely on that or coffee to get us through a terrible assignment week. When it T minus 6 hours until deadline, instead of being focused, we’re totally buzzed and watching YouTube videos of cats instead. Only students will understand those 3am feels.

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