Five ways we all lose our cool by semester two

October 12, 2016
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We all start to slack off when we are well and truly settled into second semester. For most of us, this means being constantly tired, avoiding study and giving up on making an effort. But hey – at least we’re all in this together.

No passion for fashion anymore

We arrive at our first day of semester all dolled up and dressed to impress any new attractive peers we have in our lectures or tutes. But let’s be real… by week two we are already back in our ugg boots, sweat shirts and trackies. It doesn’t matter how hot we think they are anymore, no one is worth the effort it requires to wake up earlier to do our makeup. After a big night out, we’d rather look like Beetlejuice than give up extra sleep before that 9am tute.

We drink… way too much

We drink more. Way more. Come on, there are pubs and bars in our universities. How could we not be thrilled to hang with our buddies over a beer… or a shot? I’m sure some of us even have a couple glasses while studying or starting that 3000 word essay due the next day. Back in the old days of high school we didn’t have as much opportunity (or legality to be technical). So right now we’re probably in the middle of our peak binge drinking years. Especially if you went on a Contiki trip for mid-year break – some of us are still hungover from July.

Studying? No thanks

We work part-time jobs, we have three assignments due in two weeks and a test next Thursday. Of course the last thing we want to is study. Our schedules are a little all over the place since the standard high school routine. Maybe you have a full day on Mondays and then a break for two days, but that’s when you want to watch the first season of Stranger Things for the third time. Even if we do have a day off from our busy lives, sorry – too tired to study!

Eating? Yes please

We try to start our new organic diets, as healthy eating habits leads to a healthy mind. Again, we don’t have that nine to five schedule or high school routine, so we may lose the motivation to eat healthy – especially at this time in semester when the stress builds up. Forget trying to start a new diet every single Monday, it’s too hard.

How am I feeling? Pretty damn tired

Even if we finally get nine hours of sleep, we are still exhausted. We are so, so tired. We know we have class next day, but we still go out for those mid-week drinks. It makes sense at the time, but of course we regret it wholeheartedly the next morning. Sleep is good. We need more sleep.

Although we often tell ourselves we’ll change, we’ll probably continue to dress like someone out of Pineapple Express, eat our favourite chips, have a few beers at the uni bar and attempt (but fail) to study. And of course, we’ll continue to not sleep and stay awake every night until 3am.

But that’s OK, it’s the uni life.

Claudia Siron

Claudia studies Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney, is a major film and television fan and her favourite director is Quentin Tarantino.

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