Five ways to speed up a lengthy road trip

January 18, 2017
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Nothing screams ideal Aussie summer like packing up the car and going on a road trip. The endless white sand beaches, dense scrub and small town bakeries are just waiting for you to experience them.

When you envision life on the road, the idea of rolling plains and vast outback landscapes are enticing. But remember, Australian towns are bloody ages apart, meaning life on the road is going to be lengthy and those repetitive roadsides might begin to bore you.

But don’t fear! There’s tons of ways to make long Aussie travels easy peasy – and here are some of them.

Pack snacks

I don’t know about you, but my everyday routine usually revolves around my next meal, so road trippin’ shouldn’t be any different. When your travel time is already over five hours, you don’t want to add to it because of an incurable hankering for Pringles. Pack smart – foods that don’t need refrigeration and are easy to pick at are key, so, don’t pack a pav or something. 

Create your desert island playlist

When you have a shit ton of time to kill, you need background music – and lots of it. This means it’s time to turn on the Triple J cogs in your brain and get to work on your hottest 100 (or hottest 10000 depending on your phone storage). Go wide – pick songs for every mood – from sunshine and rainbows to a John Green novel.

Make your English teacher proud – download some Audiobooks

I love reading – but apparently it’s unsafe to drive with a book in your face. The solution? Audiobooks. They are so easy to get lost in, you’ll totally zone out and kill time like no ones business (like don’t actually zone out though because there’s Kangaroos on these roads and you don’t wanna hit one). Maybe you risk it with a new novel or maybe you download an old favourite. Either way, audiobooks are a total winner.

Do some research and make some stops

Although stopping all the time can lengthen your trip, if you plan it right, stop offs can make for some of the most memorable times on the road. What is a trip from Adelaide to Melbourne without a G’day to The Giant Koala? These pit stops don’t have to be massive, but they will allow you to stretch your legs and rejuvenate. Try and pick a spot with a loo and water as well – get it all done at once!

Travel with good company

Above all else, nothing makes a car ride more enjoyable than great banter. There’s something about locking two or more people in a confined space that induces the best (and sometimes weirdest) conversations. Didn’t think of yourself as a conspiracy theorist? Well give it four hours and nothing but open road and I’m sure you’ll find yourself speculating the ins and outs of Area 51. Solo road trips can be brilliant, but the outback is lonely, so I suggest travelling with a mate.

Tahlia Svingos

Tahlia is a Media/Journo student from the University of Adelaide. She probably wrote this in the bath.

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