Five ways to recover from disappointing results

December 13, 2016
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SCHOOL'S OUT… but so are results and that means one of two things: a huge sigh of relief as you get stuck into some holiday chilling, or pensively staring out your window as the tears begin to pour.

If you're one of the many that fall into the second category, then we all know those feels. Getting a trash assessment result can leave you feeling pretty demoralised after a semester of hard (but probably average, yeah?) work.

It's definitely a process trying to get over that P grade, or even the dreaded F. But there are five different things you can do to recover from a shattering results release.

Here's the 4-1-1 folks…

Hello ice cream my old friend; I've come to drown in you again…

The self-indulgence phase – digging into junk food, bunkering down under the covers and binging on some Netflix. Having a bit of a sad is completely fine. In the grand scheme of things, bad grades are inconvenient but don’t mean permanent doom.

Exercising out the result demons

Definitely the most short-term way to escape from post-result depression, getting outside and just exercising those crap-grade-feels out. This is effective until you either can't spare the oxygen for your brain to think about them anymore, or you get so fit that you become a professional athlete instead.

My favourite version of this is the patented CryRun. It's pretty easy to get into; just put on a pair of sunglasses and get jogging, no one can see the tears (because your eyes are just sweating, right?) and pounding the pavement gets out all that pent up uni frustration.

Getting absolutely Charlie Sheened…

But in the legal, non-STI catching way. Drinking with friends is the ultimate distraction for three key reasons: your mates will be doing their best to chat and joke, you'll be participating in a non-grade related activity… and alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

It's an activity that will help the pain of grade-related anguish disappear, but so will your ability to speak fluent sentences – drink responsibly.

Practical distractions


Wow, how many times has that been hammered into you over the course of your degree? Probably at least once a week.

Well, now is the time to finally put that advice to good use and get working. Nothing helps you forget about something faster than working distractions – the best bit about using an internship to do this is that the experience is just as important as the qualification you're at uni for.

Jumping in a DeLorean and changing your grade

Only, and I mean only, if you're a couple of marks off a pass should you request a re-mark from your lecture. Asking for a lecturer to remark an assessment or to walk through your exam with you (should you find an error in their grading) is likely to have three outcomes.

The first is basically a given; you'll severely annoy your lecturer. The second is that they'll go through your assessment and not change the grade at all – or even in extreme cases, lower it. The third, and least likely option, is that they'll find a few spots where you could have earned an extra mark or two and bump you up to a pass.

If you're very, very lucky this will solve all your problems and you won't need to recover from anything.

Harrison Johnstone

A country kid at heart with city slicking aspirations in his head, Harrison is an aspiring journalist, video editor and human being.

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