Five trending costumes you’re sure to see this Halloween

October 24, 2016
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With less than a week until Halloween, now is the time to panic if you don’t have a costume. If you like to be different and stand out from the crowd, these are the topical ideas you’ll want to avoid. But if you’re looking for ideas and don’t mind the potential costume double up, these are the Halloween costumes that are so in right now.


Unfortunately the internet is a terrible place and ‘Dicks out for Harambe’ is a thing. For better or worse, Harambe memes have been flooding our news feeds and you can bet someone’s going to be turning up in a monkey suit with a banana handbag in tow. If you thought that this was the one idea that couldn’t be turned into a ‘sexy’ version for Halloween, we hate to tell you you’re wrong.

Avocado on toast

Thanks Bernard Salt for sharing your unwanted opinion right in time for Halloween! The internet has spent no time at all ripping his avocado editorial to shreds. Whether you want to dress as an avocado, or make it a #coupledress with a piece of toast, we recommend you complete this costume by throwing some dollar dollar billz in the air (Monopoly money will be acceptable). Spare change for a mortgage? Naaaaaaah.


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Clinton and Trump

With the highly anticipated US election just a few weeks away, what a great time to couple dress as Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Extra points if you start heated debates on the night and get really into character. PSA for all party hosts: if you’re throwing a Halloween bash, make sure you cover up all white furniture. There’s going to be a lot of Trumps and a lot of fake tan.

Harley Quinn

You’re sure to see a few Harley Quinns around this Halloween. Maybe it’s the creative makeup or the fact that a female DC Comics character doesn’t mean dressing up as Batgirl for once. Suicide Squad and Margot Robbie have made this supervillain better known to the masses. This means if you want to rock the Harley Quinn look, you can avoid the blank looks of people wondering WTF you are.


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Snapchat filters

Not only have Snapchat filters given us hours of procrasti-tainment, they're also providing inspiration for this year’s DIY costume. For all the grinches of Halloween who don’t like to wear costumes, this one’s for you. But hey, we’re not doing to deny how cool it will look if you pull off the makeup for the rainbow vomit filter.

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