Five times Riverdale got uni life spot-on

April 12, 2017
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Riverdale is the best thing to hit Netflix since Black Mirror. It’s got teenage romance, feminist themes, a murder mystery, a bikie gang and a smart narrative read out by Jughead (aka the dreamy Cole Sprouse from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody).

While Riverdale might be set in high school, the perils and triumphs of the series can be translated to uni life. In fact, the cast look way too old and attractive to be in high school anyway.

So without further ado, here’s five times Riverdale got uni life spot-on (Warning: article contains a lot of Archie angst and some spoilers).

When you meet your uni soulmate

While Betty and Veronica had their struggles early on in the series, fighting over Archie (how many times can you say time wasted?) they’re now solid gal pals.

The way that Ronnie stood up to Cheryl when she wouldn’t let Betty join the cheer squad by telling her that her and Betty are a “matching set” was absolute fire.

Just like you and your uni soul mate, Bets and Ronnie are smart and capable people who put friendship first, and we can totally dig that.

That one first-year who wears their high school jumper into the uni bar

We’re not the first to say it, but Archie is the most infuriating character on the show. He’s that jock that peer-pressures you to sign them into lectures, doesn’t do his readings and still manages to pass uni somehow.

His biggest problem is something totally miniscule like that his dad (for like five seconds) didn’t approve of him playing music. Meanwhile, the rest of us are struggling with way bigger problems including how to nail that uni-life balance.

He’s also that cocky first-year that struts into the uni bar wearing their high school jumper. IT MEANS NOTHING TO US THAT YOU PLAYED FOOTBALL IN HIGHSCHOOL AND HAD A COOL NICKNAME OKAY?

Unfortunately, there’s no Serpents around campus to teach him a lesson.

When you finally get over your first uni crush and meet the ‘one’

Wasn’t Betty’s crush on Archie the absolute worst? And ugh, his excuse for rejecting her when he told her she was too perfect for him. GTFO Archie.

This dynamic reminds us way too much of that first jerk we dated at uni, or who our friend dated. That awful person who made us give up on finding love on campus.

Then someone like Jughead turned up in our lec and gave us hope. We’re all for Betty and Juggie because like our new crush, he respects her, is super smart and hasn’t got that Arch-itude.

When someone says something sexist in a tute and you lose your shit

If someone says something sexist in your tute when you’re discussing gender theory, you’ll probs go batshit crazy like Betty in her black wig when she half-tortured that football player. Well, kind of like that.

Maybe you don’t burn them in a hot tub à la Betty Cooper but, let’s be real, you’ve thought about it.

We live for gross dudes getting punished for slut-shaming, but for now, we’ll settle for slinging back a solid argument in our tute and winning the argument.

You relate to Jughead on so many levels

Jughead is the best damn thing about Riverdale. As uni students, he’s our spirit animal. If you’re like us, you feel like you were separated at birth from him and wouldn’t mind having him as your best friend (or boyfriend, am I right?) in real life.

Everything he says makes us want to say ‘same’, like his approach to uni:

“Doesn’t sound like complete freedom… but I’m in.”

“Sardonic humour is just my way of relating to the world.”

Or the way he makes fun of Archie:

“We’re not going to hug in front of the whole town so why don’t we do that bro thing where we nod like douches?”

“Nice bro whisper Archie.”

Riverdale might follow the story of half-a-dozen high schoolers, but it’s a must-see show that speaks a few truths about uni life in general. Hit it up on Netflix for some quality binging.

Eden Gillespie

Eden Gillespie is an International Studies/ Media student at UNSW with a love for breakfast bagels and Louis Theroux.

Image: Riverdale official Facebook page