Five times Please Like Me perfectly summed up what it’s like to be a twenty-something

February 03, 2017
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This morning on Twitter, comedian Josh Thomas revealed the super sad news that his TV show Please Like Me (which he both created and starred in) will be finishing forevs. With the latest season wrapping up in December 2016, Thomas  announced that the dramatic season finale was in fact the series finale. There’s a lot of very sad reactions to the news, perhaps because this Australian drama comedy is so damn relatable to any twenty-something Australian. Even though season four ends on such a sad note, the series has some heart-warming moments and similarities to our own lives.

We don’t know what we want when it comes to relationships

Between Josh and Tom, neither seem to have their shit totally sorted out when it comes to the twenty-something dating world. Friends with benefits situations, taking back exes, shitty dates and awkward hook ups seem to plague their lives – sound familiar? While sometimes relationships can work out just fine, other time it seems like all these shitty situations fall upon us because we don’t know what we want. The fact that Josh was only dating Geoffrey because he didn't want to be alone was defs relatable AF.

Sharehouse living is the quintessential 20s experience

If you’ve lived in a sharehouse situation before, the Please Like Me house might look familiar. Decked out in random paintings and weird and wonderful objects, this is just the norm of sharehouse living. You might also be aware of the chaos a shared living situation brings, and that roommates can come and go. But hopefully, unlike Josh, you’re not in a situation where you become attracted to your new housemate (but for many of us this has probs happened at some point).

Parties can be awkward AF

The party scenes are just way too real. Like the feels when you organise a party with your roommates but spend the whole time hanging with them instead of actually socialising. While we were in our party-prime in our teenage years, party vibes are pretty different as a twenty-something. We’ve all definitely been Josh at some point, avoiding the bro in the frog costume trying to make us do tequila shots in the spa… no? Just me?

We can always count on our friends and fam

Our friends and family will always have our backs during the difficult times. And that’s what the show is really all about – more so than the understated plot point of Josh coming out of the closet in season one. Josh and Tom’s bromance is perhaps not the typical friendship you’d expect, but are any of our friendships typical? They’re close enough to tell each other exactly what they think and not BS each other, which is exactly the kind of friendships we have in our 20s.

We’re all a bit selfish when trying to figure our 20s out

Instead of hating Josh’s character for being selfish at times, he’s perhaps the most lovable character because he’s going through the same struggles we all are. He’s unsure of himself and what he wants to do with life, and that’s a position we’ve all been in at some point in our 20s. Thankfully, we have a little help from our friends going through the same thing we are. If only we had John the dog to help us through those moments too.

Image: Please Like Me official Facebook page