Five things you shouldn’t have to say sorry for in your 20s

July 06, 2017
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Your early 20s is a time of making mistakes, trying things and embracing the mantra of ‘you do you’. Despite this, we’re all conditioned to apologise for doing exactly all of these things. While there’s no better time than ever to focus on ourselves, we’re all guilty of apologising and are made to feel bad for being selfish.

The ever so insightful Amy Schumer nailed this in her skit that particularly focused on how women are conditioned to say “I’m sorry” for everything, regardless of their fault. If this sounds familiar, take note of the following things you should have to apologise for.

Talking about yourself

We’ve all been this person. We’ll be catching up with a friend over drinks or brunch and we start filling them in on all the good and bad of your life as of late. Instead of accepting that this is what friends do when catching up, you’ll say “Sorry! I’ve been talking about myself this whole time!” If you don’t talk about your life to your friends, who are you supposed to talk to it about? They want to hear about your relationships, career wins and uni struggles just as much as you want to hear about theirs, so don’t apologise for sharing.

Saying no to a night out

Sometimes you just don’t have it in you to go out and party. You might have been keen beans at the beginning of the week, but when you have a shit week or you’re just exhausted, all you want to do is snuggle up in blankets and eat terrible food. You might have friends who’ll scold you Regina George style (“Boo you whore!”), but you shouldn’t have to apologise. They might be disappointed and looking forward to that fun night out with you, but if you need a night for you, stay strong.

Spending money on travel

Or anything for that matter. How you spend your money is entirely up to you, not your friends, partner or family. People might not agree or have the same spending habits as you, and might try to tell you you’re wasting your money going out for brunch or travelling every year. But you’re young, there’s plenty of time to save and if that’s how you want to spend your money, there’s no better time to do it.

Ditching toxic friends

As much as it sucks, your early 20s is a time of realising that your high school friends aren’t always your forever friends. Between old friends and new friends, you’ll realise that you might not be compatible with everyone and some friends are actually causing you more harm. You don’t need that negativity in your life, so you definitely don’t have to apologise for friend break ups.

Not texting back straight away

We’ve all been there. With a million group threads to keep up with and friends chatting to you through four different social media platforms, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’ll be people who make you feel bad about not texting back right away, but don’t listen to the haters. You’re entitled to some time away from your phone and shouldn’t have to apologise for a late message.