Five things you should know before getting into a long distance relationship

May 16, 2017
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I’m sure most of us have experienced a relationship of some form, whether it’s lasted two months or two years. Being young and in love is something special, and it goes without saying that most of us would have dated someone who lives in the same city as us. However, for those few that have found their true love in another city, state or country, relationships come at a higher cost.

Long distance relationships (LDR) are no easy feat, and more often than not are frowned upon. Here are five things you should know before getting into a LDR.

Everyone will tell you it’s a bad idea

LDRs have always had a bad reputation, purely because they’re difficult. Even if you and your SO have agreed to give it a go, be prepared for you friends and family to not have the same level of enthusiasm. Your close knit circle only want the best for you, and be warned that their opposition to an LDR is most likely stemming from their love for you. LDRs are a lot more difficult than regular relationships, coming with higher risk factors and the potential to get hurt. Even if everyone around you may not support your decision, you need to stick with your gut.

There’s a lot of trust involved

Because you’re separated by some amount of distance, whether it’s a few hours’ drive or a 25 -our plane trip, you cannot physically be around your partner a lot of the time. When you’re in your early 20s, going out on weekends seems to be a common culture, so trust issues tend to be involved. For a LDR to work when you can’t be around your partner in person, you need to have an open flow of communication based on trust. If you can’t openly trust your partner, this will only add stress to your relationship, and who wants that? Always be open and honest with you partner and trust them to make the right choices.

You will spend a lot of time apart

For those who have a LDR partner within the same country, it will definitely be easier to see each other on a month-to-month basis, with flights being reasonably price. However, if you’re a cross-continental relationship, you need to prepare yourself for spending months apart from your beloved. Considering the cost of international flights and other commitments in your daily life, it’s natural to go two, three, or even four months at a time without seeing each other. If you’re fresh into the LDR scene, this is a strong point to consider.

Someone will have to move

If you can endure the long months apart and the back and forth trips visiting each other, this can only last so long. You need to have an end game plan, or in all honesty the relationship will most likely not work out. Be prepared that in the long term, someone will have to pack up his or her life and move if you want to be together on a more permanent basis.

It might not always work out

As great as relationships are, LDRs provide their own set of challenges. Realistically, the majority of LDRs are not successful, and that’s not something to fear. Dating someone who lives far away is difficult, especially when you can’t physically be around each other.  However, don’t go into an LDR expecting it to fail. Live in the moment and go with what feels right. If it doesn’t work, then at least you tried, and maybe in the future the two of you will end up together, maybe even in the same city.

Rosie Chong

Rosie is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Commerce at Monash University and loves corgis more than one should.

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