Five things you should consider before the census cut-off date

March 28, 2017
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The census date is just around the corner, which means it's time to decide on whether you want to stay or bail on your subjects. After that it’s no-take-backsies and you’re stuck with the subjects you’ve got, unless you want to incur fees and bad marks an unfinished subject. If you’re contemplating withdrawing (or even if you’re not), this is what you need to consider.

Have you taken on more than you can handle?

We're all guilty of trying to take on more subjects than the recommended amount in the hope of fast-tracking our degrees. Some unis consider both three subjects and four subjects as full-time, but even if you’ve taken on the recommended amount by your uni, it might still be too much for you.

Consider the credit points and take a look through the subject guide to see how many assessments you’re in for. It might not be worth it if you’re already feeling overwhelmed and it’s not even mid-sem break yet. There’s always summer school if you want to get your degree finished earlier.

Going part-time

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, halving the workload might be the way to go. This is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the idea of tackling a full-time load. It might also be for those of you with a double degree who are considering dropping one of the majors. Just know that as soon as you drop those subjects, your full-time student privileges get provoked, the most important being that travel concession card that will mean you’ll be paying exxy adult fares.

Deferring a semester

If you’ve started semester feeling lost and without direction, it might be a good idea to withdraw completely and take a semester off. It’ll give you time to work and really consider what you want to do before you take the plunge and drop your degree completely. You can even use this time to take on an internship, without the stress of having to manage a full-time workload at the same time. It might be just what you need to confirm your decision to stay with or drop your degree.

Is there an alternative?

If you’re absolutely hating a subject, consider whether there’s another alternative. If it’s an elective, it’ll be easy to say sayonara and move onto something more suitable. If it’s one of your core subjects, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have no options. Talk to the course co-ordinator - they might have an alternative subject you can take that’s not suggested in the course outline. Although for this to work, you’ll need a valid excuse (not just that the subject is boring AF).

Is it really not for you?

If you find yourself in yet another year of dreading uni, dropping down to part-time subjects or wanting to defer yet again, it might be a sign you’re not meant to be there. Consider whether it’s the uni style of learning or the actual course that you don’t want to do – it could mean a change to TAFE, a change to full-time employment or just a change of degree or major.

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