Five things you can do right now to avoid the post-uni freak out

October 31, 2016
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Your uni years comprise life-evaluation, nauseating group assignments, convincing yourself why it’s totally OK to change degrees and wondering if your BA is really worth a crock of shit.

When your three-year degree comes to an end, so do the painful 7am wake up calls and shitty timetables that have five-hour breaks in between tutes (uni, why you do this to us?!).

The golden years of rocking up to lectures half drunk are well and truly over, and you’ve managed to earn yourself a dandy piece of paper that proves your qualifications to slay wherever your career path leads you.

Your days have gone from skipping weeks four, five, six, seven and eight’s lectures to pimping the crap out of your LinkedIn profile and writing a CV that potential employers can’t ignore. It’s about sounding as profesh AF.

No responses to job applications? It’s easy to think “WTF is my life? I’m getting nowhere,” but don’t despair. Keep calm – these tips will help you avoid any kind of Britney Spears circa 2007 meltdown.

Stop sleeping in until 1pm and get the hell up

Yes, we know - being denied job interviews and the mind-numbing silence that comes with that can leave you feeling equally rejected as Joey every time he says “How you doin’?”

The key is to not let yourself fall into a slump; start prepping now and accept the fact that you’ll probably be spending endless hours on SEEK, GradConnection and every other career site. Get up, get motivated and get yo ass out there.

Remove any kind of incriminating Facebook evidence

Social media is an HR manager’s best friend. It exposes the real you –  whether that be commentary on your lack of sex life via memes or photos of you passed out last NYE – so make sure you do a thorough audit. These kinds of photos ain’t a good look.

Wipe your social media profiles like a baby’s bottom and remove anything that might lessen your chance at nailing the job interview (or even getting an interview in the first place). Keep it peachy, fam.

Start looking at internships, work experience and pretty much anything that’ll pimp your CV

Whatever you do, avoid graduating without any kind of industry experience or internships under your belt.

Remember there’s probably seven gazillion other students getting their head around doing exactly what you are, so make sure your CV stands out like a sore thumb. Compare your CV to the Mean Girls Burn Book - if you’ve said it and it sounds good, write it down. Bonus point here:

LinkedIn is for professionals so make it sound professional

Not all of us are wizards of the English language, but we’re all blessed with spellcheck and dictionaries.

Nothing is more humiliating than a LinkedIn biography with countless spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that demonstrates an incompetence in English.

You have a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, not a Bachelor Of Enginerin with Honers. Don’t be lazy. Fix it.

Practice your interviewing skills at every chance possible

Interviews. Real life interviews. They’re scary AF.

You prepare yourself for every possible question (even the obscure ones you know they’re never going to ask), but it turns out they stick to conventional ones like: what attracted you to the role? What’s your greatest achievement? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Obviously you’re the Best Person To Ever Grace The Planet therefore your weaknesses are non-existent, right? Wrong.

Go to every interview you’re offered. It builds your confidence and helps you prepare for any unchartered waters you’re yet to come across. Even if it’s a casual position at Grill’d, don’t throw away a single opportunity to present yourself as an immaculate candidate for the position.

Sarah Pietrapertosa

Sarah is studying International Business and Marketing at RMIT University. She has an unhealthy shopping obsession and loves to think she’s the funniest person she knows.

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