Five things we’re sick of seeing on Tinder profiles

June 09, 2017
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If you’ve had the misfortune of being on Tinder for a while, you’ll know there’s a whole world out there of incompatible people you would never want to date. And just your luck, they seem to be the only people you match with. When you’re flicking through no after no, these are the repeat offenders you’ll no doubt come across.

The group photo

Followed by another group photo, followed by a very blurry, out-of-focus or obstructed individual shot. All this does is raise a lot of questions, like what could you be trying to hide. Maybe you’re going for the cheerleader effect i.e. a group of good looking guys/gals will make us more likely to swipe right, or you want to keep the mystery alive. Please be upfront and let us know what you look like because we're superficial k thx.

The dog photo

We see what you’re doing there, trying to lure us in with cute puppies. We’ll say “Aww!” and swipe right without even looking past the sweet little doggo’s face. First of all, this better be your dog – we don’t want to start dating you under the premise that we’re not going to be patting this puppa.

While we’re on this point, we’re a bit over all the animal selfies really. We don’t want to see your selfies with a tiger and we’re not sure what it is about this kind of photo that means it keeps popping up again and again in our Tinder feed.

The travel photo

This is typically when it’s a travel photo accompanied by a bio that says “I love travel”. Can we just discuss, who doesn’t like travel? Uploading all your travel photos and adding words like “wanderlust” in your bio does not make you a world traveller (particularly if you've only been on one Contiki trip). It’s either that, or a back shot staring into the distance of some travel destination. Deep.

The bland bio

Got a bio that says "I'm not good at writing bios"? That’s a swipe left from me. I feel like I can speak on behalf of both genders when I say no one wants to see “I’m not like the other girls” or “I’m a nice guy”. Urg please stop rn.

The bio that’s a little too honest

It’s the bio that tells you to not even THINK of swiping right if you don’t like their weird specific hobby. “Don’t even THINK of swiping right if you don’t like thrift store cat sweaters.” And guys, you’re not impressing any women with your cocky or downright sexist bios calling women sluts. I mean, at least we have a warning so we no to swipe left on that shit immediately. 

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